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Mysteries,  Thrillers & Horror

13 of the best zombie novels into 1 massive set! Over 1 million words & billions of zombies!
She just wanted to move forward after losing the man of her dreams…then she witnessed a murder...
Chicago PI Georgia Davis must decide whether to rescue a half-sister she didn't know she had!



"Love Over Logic gets a ALL CONSUMING FIVE SHOOTING STARS!" - Marie's Tempting Reads
Welcome to River Hill - where the only thing as intoxicating as the wine is the man who makes it.

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Cats are a girl's best frenemy.
A stolen relic. A pair of enemies forced to work together. And a demon who must be stopped.
CSI meets True Blood...
An English officer requisitions Nimway Hall from its beautiful guardian, invoking the magic of love
Dark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love
Loner…yes Antisocial…yes Can shift into a wolf that doesn’t play nice with others…absolutely yes
The alpha wolf. The lion prince. And the woman who could destroy them both.

Historical Romance & Historical Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

A younger, inexperienced hero risks everything for the mature courtesan who steals his heart.
Three women. Three unprecedented dreams that will shape women's lives in California.
An alien invasion turns Allison's senior year dreams for the future, into a nightmare for survival.

Sweet Romance

She needed a place to stay. He needed to save his ranch. Together they just might make a home.
Fall in love with these four sweet, holiday romances.
Can helping a kindly stranger work a Christmas miracle for their relationship?
Remember being consumed by your first love?

ROMANCE WITH some (or a lot of) Heat!

He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.
There were no fairytales featuring single moms... until now!
Love is the addiction he doesn't want to kick
Karen thought she had it all -- and then her perfect world shattered.
Uptight commitment phob meets sexy bad boy baker, and you have a recipe for one hot mess!
Get the sexy, heartfelt Say You Will series now!
Welcome to Prossers Bay, the small town with a big heart.
Love doesn't obey the law.