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A mage and her demon solve clues to unravel secrets and entwine them in an unbreakable bond of love.



Alex Lockerby has a book of spells, a pack of matches, and four days to prove he’s not a killer.


Celtic Mythology meets Coming of Age Angst…

When happens when CSI-style forensic science meets a fantasy world full of centaurs and griffins?

The competition could save her life… but only if she wins.


e’s a dangerous dragonshifter jewel thief… she’s the gem expert standing in his way…

Blood may be thicker than water, but loves wins every time.

When the games become real, all bets are off in love and war…

The road to Hell is paved with deadly desires.

Magic is no longer the stuff of fairytales…


The world is going to hell around them. What are they willing to risk to make it right?

Mix in a secretive government agent, a murderous drug gang and an alien hunt. What could go wrong?

The Earth has been sold to aliens. What could possibly go wrong?

As she feels her identity slipping, new mom Tabitha takes off in her husband's time travel vehicle.

What happens when Artificial Intelligence becomes sentient?



If only solving murder were as easy as apple pie!

The only thing worse than a Bridezilla for a client is a dead one.

There’s a murder in the library, a killer knight stalking victims and a nosy librarian turned sleuth

There's no place like New Orleans to have a good crime!


Meet the amazing Lou Fleener, Private Eye

A smart PI team solving mysteries the old-fashioned way—with brains and shoe leather!

A dumpster, a body, and a killer on the run.

Ruby Wilcox has a rare gift for seeing things that others can’t . . .


It was supposed to be a fun getaway, but a knock at the door could ruin their lives.

It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city

Arab terrorists want a lost secret found on Crete revealed. CIA, MI6 and Mossad want it destroyed.

Her child has the answers, but he can't tell her the unspeakable.

What if delivering the mail was a matter of life and death?

A lost briefcase. A body in a tree. A small town full of big lies. Some secrets never stay buried.

How far will teen girls go for approval from their peers? Chicago PI Georgia Davis finds out.


A Navy SEAL & the daughter of a notorious Algerian negotiator try to save a kidnapped diplomat.

Follow the Phantom Force Tactical Team as they eliminate terrorists, defy death and save the day.

She’s a rule breaker. He’s a rule follower. What could possibly go wrong?

Everyone has lied to her her whole life. Will they stop lying in time to save her?

Can Alec and Grace work together without blowing their entire project out of the water?

Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?

Angel Matthews needed a hero…enter Shepherd Security.

Love begins with trust…and he's already broken hers.

Can Sadie overcome the trauma of her past and find redemption and love in the wild Scottish Highland

Can broken hearts ever love again?



There’s no such thing as fairytales—until there’s a happily ever after.

I can travel the world for free. All I have to do is pretend…


If you like compassionate characters, and overcoming adversity, you’ll adore this moving box set.


Mystery meets fantasy and adventure in this classic tale…


In war, she fell in love. In peace, she fell apart.

Can a young woman change the direction of her life, defy the role she has been groomed to play?

Poland is at war. He must choose between his lifelong ambition and his heart.


What…and who…will she have to sacrifice to save her son?

A jilted mail-order bride & a marriage of convenience that doesn't go as planned when love butts in.

Rescue Ranch – where lost hearts find a place called home

An unforgettable kiss. A kaleidoscope of senses. A night she'll always remember.

A rollicking adventure with rustlers, gunfights, danger, unsavory characters, and much more.

There's no force of nature stronger than a society of sisters….


Her son was kidnapped by his father twenty years ago. Will she ever see him again?


To follow my destiny, I must die.

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This book tells how you can reduce your dependence on medicines. Go disease-free!



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A sweet romcom novella

They are totally wrong for each other, so why does everything feel totally right!

A sweet second chance at a soured love.

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What happens when three sisters gang up on their father to get what they want?

Can two people with very different needs find happiness together?

Two rebellious souls… An innocent deception… One scorching catastrophe…

Scandal at the Debutante Ball…

Take an arranged marriage, add a damaged duke , and an independent lady. Sparks fly!

Lord Nicholas Asquith needs his wife. Too bad he broke her heart ten years ago.

Lady Rebecca is rescued from a runaway coach by the hero of her dreams…

Action-packed and poignant. ..builds tension from the very beginning!

A deception, a treasure hunt, and an American in Regency London.

Will The Book of Love bring Dahlia Farthingale the gift of love?

Sexy viscounts, feisty future countesses and steamy mysticism in the Victorian era!

Will a simple village lass tame the ruthless laird?


There's no such thing as it's too late for it to happen to you when love comes knocking on your door

He isn't her boss…mostly

She’s a straight-laced principal. He’s a free-spirited inventor. Can opposites attract & find love?

If you like emotional reunion stories of star-crossed lovers, you’ll love Letters to Caroline.

If you like sweet cowboy stories and family dynamics , you’ll love The Cowboy Next Door!

She knew falling for her boss was a bad idea, but some lessons take longer to learn.

Can a small-town cowgirl and a big-time city boy risk a second chance at happily ever after?

12 days. 10 ports. 1 soul-searing kiss that could change her life.

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Enemies, or friends to lovers and second chances in all 5 stories!

A jilted bride. A sexy lawyer. A past full of secrets.

What a difference One Christmas makes…

A girl aiming for a successful big city career. What if her heart belongs to a small-town rancher?

He's discovered his leading lady.

“The Cup doesn't hold a candle to Summer Gunderson.”


Lust, laugh, love

Good girls don't date rock stars. They certainly don't have rock star f-buddies.

Women from his past are being murdered. Can Brody protect the only woman he’s ever loved?

Troubled pasts behind them, these powerful businessmen don’t need quirky women with complications!

In Crossroads you make a deal to get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need instead.


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This isn't your grandparent's cruise ship!

Six figures. Thirty days. Every one of her firsts.

An ancient goddess. A human woman. Reborn guardians. A prophecy awaits.

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