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books for Thrill-Seeking readers


Secrets, spies, sexy guys. Staying alive is hard!
*** Cookies come in all shapes. As do murder victims. Delicious Cozy Mysteries with free recipes!***
If plan A doesn’t work, better hope plan B is legal.
Cozy mysteries with bite
A cold case, a dead nun, and a twisted secret could save reporter Leah Nash's career. Or end it.
They didn’t expect to fall in love…
Fire and ice will collide in this thrilling tale of star-crossed rivals...
Can they find something true amidst all the lies?
He lives by the rules. She follows her own moral code.


Titus pursues a terrorist across two continents to prevent a chemical weapons attack on Washington.
She’d thought they’d never find her, and then her daughter vanished.


Four children missing. Can anyone save them from the insatiable evil stalking their town?

books for Lovers of Literature



Can she overcome the trauma of her past and find redemption in the wild Scottish Highlands?
Mary Reilly’s had a secret lakeside cottage in Vermont for forty years. Why did she never tell her daughters?



How much can one heart endure?

Young Adult

Mean Girls meets Hollywood...
In a dark and scary place, Amelia runs for her life with nothing on her mind except finding Aaron.
Sacrifice and suspense collide when two teens fight for their lives .
Fall in love with racing with the first 3 books of North Oak!
A YA psychic mystery that will keep you up at night.
A simple deal is about to complicate everything...
There he was, the boy from her dreams.


Lizzie and Tenika’s garage almost folds…until Kate shows up and Lizzie falls in love.
Follow Lizzy, Kate, Tenika, Delilah, Frankie, and Sally as they look for love in Oakland, CA.
What if your love was illegal? What would you do?
If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

books for out of this world readers

urban fantasy

Living with five ancient warriors...piece of cake right?
There’s more than one way of catching a man.


Uncover the past. Fight for the future.
They came to destroy humanity...but we fought back!


“…he that believeth not shall be DAMNED” – Mark 16:16
A rich and fantastical world of angels and demons, monsters, faeries and dragons.
A violent struggle for freedom, played out on the battlefield among angels and demons.

books for romance lovers

romantic suspense

Is this a mistake? Will working for Mason anger my father?
When evil comes to Whisper Cove, will their passion prove fatal?
A mix of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, hope and honor.
Along the edge of danger, the next step might be the last ...
The military brought them purpose. The mountains brought them love...
Coming home to take over as Police Chief, Mitch gets a second chance with girl he left behind.
Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
Can her golden retriever help to reveal an arsonist before he strikes his next match?

historical romance

A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches. A field hospital nurse battles death every day.
A tormented marquis. A vivacious vixen. A deadly foe.
She taught him to read. He taught her to live again.
Black sheep goes home to mend fences---and leave for good---but a childhood friend mends his heart
A Life Overflowing, a love never ending.
Can Aaron forgive her shameful past and rekindle their love?
The Highlander's vow versus the surgeon's oath...
After their father dies, the penniless Langley sisters begin a dangerous double life to support them
Jenny Harrismith the new governess, begins to suspect someone wants to harm the duke's heir.
Sometimes Trust Comes Only After You Lose It All



Love, blood, seduction, dragons... All rules are burnt to ash...
Don't touch the antiques, you're fragile.
A demon sent to corrupt the innocent. An angel with nowhere to run. A romance that could end worlds.
His temptation. His addiction. His salvation.

sci-fi romance

Kidnapped by aliens, then stranded on a deserted planet with a hot alien warrior!

contemporary romance - sweet

When Grant shows up at Maurie's doorstep, she discovers that ten years hasn't changed her feelings.
True love happens unexpectedly
Dizzy Dog. Bossy Goat. Legendary Love.
Two best friends, one fake marriage and a solemn promise that it won’t get weird

contemporary romance - medium Heat

The Fantasy Maker gave one a vacation, the other a job on an uninhabited desert island.
Can the two come together for the sake of their daughter, or is forgiveness out of reach?
Book 1 of The Eden Hall Series
He wasn't supposed to be her forever. She wasn't supposed to make him want more.
As Hollywood Royalty, millions are facinated with Abby's fall from grace- Again. Can she survive it?

contemporary romance - Hot & steamy

She'd served a prison sentence. He'd served his country. Both needed a second chance.
She has a winning lottery ticket. He’s hiding his identity. Will secrets come between them?
She’s all glitz and glam, he’s rugged and broody. But when their worlds collide… there’s no dialing down the heat.
He says he'll catch her, but will she let herself fall?
Can love unmask their true selves?
He consumed my mind. I never even crossed his.
I’m married to a billionaire and I didn’t know it until this morning!
He was an international rock star. Even a princess couldn't tie down a man like that.