The Drive-In Book Theater Promo

aMarch 17-23

You know what's awesome? Book trailers. The readers who like them LOVE them. And honestly what better way to immerse a reader in your book's story, character, and worlds? This promo will showcase your trailers and then give readers the opportunity to either purchase your featured book or receive it for free by signing up for your mailing list. Because we anticipate a smaller group of authors for this one, your book will receive that much more focus. Woot!

Another great thing? We are making this a PERMANENT FEATURE on our site, just like the series finder! Submitting your book will enroll it in this promo and give it a permanent listing on our site.

Don't have a book trailer, but don't want to miss out? We may be able to create one for you. Check out the link to Melissa's portfolio and if interested, shoot us an inquiry.