RESULTS: DOGS WON with 56% of the vote. Cats take second place at 44%!

Cats, dogs, flying squirrels… While we may have different favorites in the animal kingdom, there’s one thing we can all agree on–BOOKS ARE AWESOME! And what’s even more awesome? Winning prizes, of course. Welcome to LitRing’s Cats Vs. Dogs Giveaway! We’ve assembled a team of 50 authors, brave enough to take a stance on such a divisive issue. What’s more, by picking sides and entering our giveaway, you could win prizes for yourself AND a pretty awesome promo pack for your fave author too!

Here’s the deal: Visit the participating authors’ Facebook pages and leave a comment on their team posts. Doing so will score you bonus entries and you’ll be able to collect bonus prizes from participating authors too! Check out our handy-dandy giveaway widget to lead you through the hop and give you even more points for participating. You’ll also be asked to bravely pick a team.

If at the end of the week, YOUR TEAM WINS, someone from the team will get first pick of a new Kindle Fire or a Kindle Paperwhite. The other team (no losers here!) will win the remaining prize. AND as an added bonus, one author from the winning team will win a special promo prize pack from LitRing, and–trust me–they’d really like to win, so be sure to support your favorite authors and spread the word far and wide.

Whether it be cats or whether it be dogs, GO TEAM!