Swinging on a Star Science Fiction Promo

PROMO RUNS August 17-23 | SIGN UPS CLOSE August 15th

Do you write about aliens arrival on Earth, humans leaving the galaxy, getting swept off your feet by an alien, or fighting a war amongst the stars? Then have we got a promo for you!

Sign up for LitRing’s Swinging on a Star promo where we'll seek out readers who love stories that are out of this world!

Come join us for some starry-eyed fun! Only $25 to participate and we’ll handle the advertising, graphics, prizes, and making this the great experience for readers and authors alike.

Another awesome benefit of this promo? Find out what readers think of your book cover and blurb as compared to other books in your genre. This promo comes with a lot of fun data that can help you make better branding decisions for future.

What we do:  Connect readers with books via our website, newsletter, and Facebook–and let them decide whether or not they want to purchase or download.

What we do NOT do:  Game the system, incentivize sales or page reads, or do anything else that could put your KDP account at risk.

And, yes indeed, this is a permanent site feature, which means your listing won't expire and readers can find your book at any time. Awww, heck yeah!