Batty for Books giveaway

Here at LitRing, we're Batty for Books! And the closer we get to Halloween, the more we want to fill our e-readers and bookshelves with stories that have a paranormal twist. If you're looking for recommendations, then head over to the Batty for Books Giveaway now!

This giveaway celebrates the paranormal in all of its forms including sci-fi, fantasy, and more! While you’re checking out the books, be sure to grab your chances in the giveaway which will reward one lucky winner with a paranormal prize pack which includes a $25 Amazon gift card and more.

thrill-seeking reads


Six seasonal ghost stories that will tingle your spine, but may also warm your heart.

A beast is coming, one that even the old gods fear.

Three people stranded in a ghost town 100 years in the past. And there's no way out.

Romantic Suspense

It's more than meets the eye…

Cozy Mystery

A little romance…
A little magic…
A lot of mystery!

Murder and Mermaids…Not the normal Mystery


Old Hallows Eve, when things go bump in the night,

A young man is tortured by a ravenous supernatural being that desires his transcendence and his life

out-of-this-world reads

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urban fantasy

Five books and 1400 pages of Voodoo, Vampires, Valor, and Villainy fill this magic academy series.

Murder meets magic in this literary paranormal mystery.

I’m Glynn Forester. Magis. My power augments rather than creates. But, sometimes More is not enough.

The Four Horsemen have found their Fifth and she's about to change their world.

Magic, Mystery, Non-Stop Supernatural Trouble…

Rogue vampires, werewolves, humans who hunt the undead… so much for resting in peace.

Watch out for the vampires. Stay out of the basement. And don't fall for the hot dragon shifter.

You know that dream where you look down and find you’re naked in a very public place?
It actually happened to me on my last day of high school.
One second, clothes. Next second—boom—naked.

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The Watchers, supernatural beings in human form, protect mankind from darkness. But some turn evil.

Curiosity killed the dragon… and it’s going to get Jemma Maynard killed, too.

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romance reads

fantasy romance

Only the Cloak can save them–she just doesn’t know it yet.

A child isn't born evil, is he? Find out what makes Loki NOT SO…EVIL.

On Halloween night, a famous rock star discovers that she's the prophesied savior of another world.

A witch with an anger problem.
A bodyguard with a witch problem.
What could go wrong?

Her enemy was the only one she could trust…


A young widow and a mysterious magician battle a psychic killer in Victorian-era San Francisco.

Victorian historical romance with a paranormal bite. A gorgeous psychic. An unwanted betrothal. A ta


An ancient cold case, a hot new romance, and the dearly departed who just won’t leave a hotel.

Paranormal romance

Don’t Bite…Unless You’re Ready for Blood!

Haunted Schmauted… Bastian, infamous playboy doesn’t believe in ghosts or haunted castles…

More Than Treasure Waits Inside These Stone Walls

Vervain Lavine: Witch. Cat Lover. Godhunter.

Darkness is rising…

Hundreds of feet underground. Trapped with an evil spirit that wants them dead. Can they survive?

Enemies unite to save mankind while battling searing passion that threatens to consume them both.

Amy Styles' world is about to change into paranormal fangs with a bite she just might enjoy!

Love or revenge?

Where can you go to heal a broken heart?

Viper knows he has to win at all costs – Scarlet’s life depends on it!

An eyewitness in hiding. An FBI agent with an agenda. And all hell breaks loose on All Hallow’s Eve.

They say I’m a promising witch, but my magic is a disaster…

A man cursed to shapeshift into an owl must trust in the love offered by a heartsore guardian angel.

How do you find a soulmate when you're born without a soul?

even more reads

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Historical fiction

She's an old soul in a toxic relationship. He's a German Graf in the past.

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One woman's spiritual journey from the metaphysical to Christ through actual encounters with Jesus.

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Women's Fiction

A veterinarian devastated by a shocking murder. A cat watching over her from Rainbow Bridge.

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Young Adult

At the edge of the world, can even an angel escape?

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Scary things live in Darkwood Crossing with their young. Babysitting. Who knew it'd be so dangerous?