The Spooky Good Deals Giveaway

It's almost Halloween and what better way to fully enjoy the cooler weather and treats than with a good book? And honestly, what's better than a book sale?

LitRing’s The Spooky Good Deals Giveaway has FREE and Discounted book selections in all your favorite genres to add to your Current Fall Reading List! While you're snagging all the great books, be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win an Spooky Good prize pack!

So whether you're enjoying the coolest weather and fall colors or in your cozy reading nook, follow the link below to see all the amazing deals we’ve lined up for you! 

Happy reading and good luck in the giveaway!

For thrill-seeking readers


What links a teen's secret tattoo to 3 brutal crimes?
A new name and a new home. A scary ex-husband. And a ghost...

Cozy Mysteries

Great fun read for Halloween! Becky sees ghosts and she is not afraid to help them!
Author Grayson Cleary knows how to plot a murder. But can he plot his way out of a killer's web?

For out-of-this-world readers

Urban Fantasy

Save the world, but stay out of jail!
Gabe is making the most of his afterlife in the ninth circle of Hell.
When Grim promotes reaper Lana Harvey to harvest a high-risk soul, all hell breaks loose.

Science Fiction

Charlie wakes up in the ice age. Blood, lust, and a lot of murder.


Is friendship enough in the face of damning evidence?
She'll win back her freedom, even if she has to steal it.
Sentenced to a life of solitude, she relishes fleeting periods of happiness unaware of consequences.

Fantasy Romance

In a world of paranormals, what's one Healer's Fate?

For contemporary Romance Readers


Those Wildcat Graduates....


The guy next door is a tall, dark mystery... but is he really as scary as he seems?
A Halloween Instalove Office Romance

Med. Heat

You should never mix business and pleasure...unless the results will be smoldering.
He believed the lie. She fell for the fantasy.
Lies kept Ally and Jonah apart. Now he’s back with a confession that could change everything.

For MORE Romance Readers

Paranormal Romance

This paranormal world will take you for a ride deep into the gray areas of shifter law.
Can Roarke & Sapphire put aside their attraction in time to rescue the missing girls?
Will they make it out alive, or go up in flames?
Will Haley and Austin be able to overcome their fear to embrace their fated life together?
A Fated Mates Vampire - Witch Steamy Romance
Cursed to fulfill wishes as a Djinn, after 600 years Julian has lost all hope of being free.


Winning her heart won’t be easy. But he’s never backed down from a challenge…

For even more Readers

Young Adult

Gods, monsters, and magic school. Class will never be the same.
She always wanted to meet James Dean.. she didn't know it would come true.


The Heath Cousins return to Ambra by way of the British Museum in London to return a sacred ruby.


Wish you felt closer to God? Renew your spiritual life and experience a deeper level of faith.