Spooky Good Deal 


PROMO RUNS October 22 - 28th

 SIGN UPS CLOSE October 20th October 22nd at 10 AM EST

Do discounted ebook promotions really work? Yes! According to a blog post published by BookBub, a free or discounted book can help market a series, increase full-price sales on other books, grow your audience, increase your exposure, lead to more reviews, and help in any number of marketing goals. We have to agree, and this promo can prove it!

Let LitRing help new readers get hooked on your books. Wouldn’t you like to become their 1-Click author?

Readers trust LitRing to recommend books to them in all formats, and we want them to grab your discounted book!

Here’s what you get for the low price of $25:

  • Week-long giveaway fun!
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If you want even more exposure, and to customize your submission, you can see all the limited add-ons on the form.

Our Spooky Good Deals Promo will reward two lucky readers with some great, themed prizes! This ensures the right readers are signing up because they are interested in you, your books, and your genre the most!

The sign-up page closes promptly at 10 AM on Wednesday, October 20th, so be sure to secure your spot.    By popular demand, this sign up has been extended to 10am on Friday, October 22nd