Calling All Readers Social Media Follow

Runs May 14 - 20th
Signups close May 12th at 10 AM EST

This promo starts at $25 and increases slightly for each link that you'd like LitRing to add to the promo for readers to find.

  • 1 Entry - $25
  • 2 Entries - $40
  • 3 Entries - $50
  • 4 Entries - $60
  • 5 Entries - $65

Do you want more social media followers? If you’re an author trying to market your books to new and existing readers then your answer to this question is an emphatic, “YES!” LitRing understands this challenge because authors make up a good portion of our team.

LitRing’s Author Mash Social Mash-Up promo helps readers find authors on social media, and we’re encouraging them to follow participating authors with a giveaway which rewards one lucky bookworm with an Amazon gift card, too!

The price starts at $25 and increases slightly with each social media network you add--up to five including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Reserve your space now because the sign-up form closes at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, May 12th.