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Hey, thanks so much for your interest in our small group giveaways! Each small group promo includes 10 authors in a diverse set of genres–to make sure that readers can pick the best matches for them and help hone in on the right matches for you and your books. The small group giveaway is a fantastic way to grow your following across multiple platforms and provide several touch points with each reader. 

The cost of participation is $250 and includes the reader giveaway, graphics, promotion, a featured spot in our newsletter and on our website, and advertising via our Facebook network. We also provide full data to our authors and bonus perks to authors who receive the least engagement in each giveaway to help maximize the ROI for everyone.

If you'd like to join the waiting list for our next small group promo, please complete the form below. Thank you!

*** The small group promo now also includes a takeover of our VIP group of more than 9,000 avid LitRing readers!

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  • Each small group giveaway allows for 5 entries per author. If you select more than 5, we'll narrow down for you.