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Nothing beats finding–and falling completely in love with–a new book. And then to find out there are MORE?! That you can revisit your favorite world and characters again and again? Total bliss. We're talking about series, people. If you're like us, then they have you smitten.  Here's the thing… We want to help you find your next reading addiction. Some books are free, others are deeply discounted. You'll never know until you click. We definitely recommend stocking up!

Recommended Fantasy Series

One man seeks to embrace destiny, another to escape it. But destiny has a name—Zara. Assassin.
Three heads are deadlier than one.
How much would it suck to be a demon hunter if you didn't want to be one, but HAD to?
Being a demon hunter isn't so bad when you're possessed by the baddest ass demon around!
How far will this demon hunter go to protect those she loves?

Recommended Mystery & Thriller Series

A sudden-savant trying to rescue a woman and autistic girl becomes the only hope against a terrorist
Living a Life of Lies. She hasn't forgiven, hasn't forgotten.
Dying in the middle of the summer in the Florida Keys is sweaty business.
The Florida Keys are hotter than ever.
Murder…a beach…and a bar - this fast-paced mystery is an intoxicating cocktail of characters
Toss in a handsome handyman, quirky characters, and a flirtatious grandma and the fun never stops.
Why do dead bodies keep getting in the way?
Who's planting poisonous plants in Shelby's garden?
Convinced that one of them killed the philandering man, Shelby sets out to find a killer and gets a
Trouble just won't leave Shelby Hart alone.
Even in a desert paradise life is full of A Dead Husband
Love murder mysteries, cozy crime, dogs and cake? You'll love Murder at the Lighthouse...

Recommended Young Adult Series

A paranormal thrill ride! An entire faction of angels wants Skyla dead, but why?
One potion to save the world. One potion to destroy it.

Recommended Christian Series

When he starts searching for answers, an assassin begins his own search—for him.
A clean love story with enough twists to keep you turning the pages
A new marriage, a ready-made family & a face from the past converge to challenge Ben & Tessa
Nicole hates risks. But when her childhood friend Ace returns to town, she just might risk it all...
Bestselling, Contemporary Christian Fiction with a Message of Hope
She’s trying to uproot the past. He’s trying to safeguard the future. But neither’s ready for the as

Recommended Women's Fiction Series

A wannabe journalist. An untapped local scandal. What will it be, her ambition or her heart?
Two women's lives intersect one fateful night. Is it ever too late for love?
A good girl. A hunky professor. A jealous ex. What could possibly go wrong?

Recommended Historical Romance Series

Jack Carlson spied for the army and what did he get for his trouble? Blindness. He needs refuge.
Sarah Songan is on the run. She’s hiding a secret, and her past is about to catch up with her.
Audrey Norris is worried but determined. Her options are mostly undesirable, but she's got an idea.
Lillian never dared to dream that James could be hers. Now she must face him again.
Desire tempted them, but love conquered all…
Reluctantly agreeing to a shotgun wedding, they hatch up a plan to break up despite deep attraction!
Discover why love should never be banished.

Recommended Paranormal Romance Series

Once bonded, these men don’t let go...
Only one wild heart can claim another.
Only one wild heart can claim another.
Hell on Wheels Meets Hell in Heels.

Recommended Romantic Suspense Series

It's all fun and games until someone sets your world on fire!
These Honeybuns are sugar free, but hot enough to burn!
He's a burned spy. She's a struggling artist. Together they must stop a deadly terrorist.
Love has a funny way of knocking the wheels right out from under you!
Love can be Hell... especially in Hell Indiana!
Military trained, medically enhanced, designed to kill.
Every girl craves a man like Salvatore
Gut wrenching, unimaginable danger threatens to destroy the wedding of the century.
When Destiny finds herself at the center of an MC war Kade must act quickly to save her from Adriel.
Katarina Saunders, international rock star. Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC.
Will Dane give up the club, his family, to save his marriage?
A Casino. A Rival MC. A Mob Family.

Recommended Contemporary Romance Series

Magnetic musicians who rule the indie rock scene—and the fierce lovers who soothe their hurts.
His best friend’s sister is strictly off limits, but he can’t take his mind off of Baya.
One man on a mission. One hard-working woman. One bet that'll make sparks fly...
She's a corporate high-flier with no time for men. He's a sexy, male escort, five years her junior.
He's playing to score. She's playing to win.
Just what can a girl do when her dreams become nightmares and nightmares her reality?
She has one rule: No sleeping with her guests. Will she break it for a hot Scotsman?
A princess on the run finds sanctuary where she least expects it...
Journalist Samantha Jameson wants to be one of the boys, but Ryan Terell won’t let her join the club
Sexy secrets have serious consequences

Recommended LGBT Series

Everything he didn’t know he wanted, and now couldn’t live without…
The moment you get all you ever wanted.
An unexpected love worth fighting for...
Being a demon hunter isn't so bad when you're possessed by the baddest ass demon around!
How much would it suck to be a demon hunter if you didn't want to be one, but HAD to?

Recommended Erotic Romance Series

What happens when you fall in love with your best friend's father?
Every girl wants him but I’m the only girl he wants.
What happens when you fall in love with your best friend's father?
Every girl wants him but I’m the only girl he wants.
Free your mind. Open your heart. Move a mountain.