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Thrilling mystery Series


Book 2 in the Maple Lane Mysteries series Madeline Flynn’s Maine Coon cat is more than a pet… much more,[...]
Book 4 in the Cottonwood Springs Cozy Mysteries series Planning a wedding is hard enough without having your florist disappear.[...]
Book 3 in the Inspector Shehan Mysteries series The Coven Murders opens with a horrifying account of a ritual Black[...]
Book 1 in the Harry Starke Novels series Private Investigator Harry Starke spends sleepless nights wandering the city streets. His[...]
Book 1 in the Murder in the Mix series My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead people. Okay,[...]
Book 1 in the Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series After Ettie Smith's friend, Agatha, dies, Ettie is surprised to find[...]
Book 1 in the Pet Whisperer PI series As if a near-death experience at the hands of an old coffeemaker[...]
Book 2 in the Pet Whisperer PI series Now one of the associates at my law firm has discovered this[...]

Speculative fiction Series


Book 3 in the Fate's Journey series When reality sucks, the tough get fighting. That's Fate Floyd's latest motto since[...]
Book 1 in the Blood Rose Rebellion series Sixteen-year-old Anna Arden is barred from society by a defect of blood.[...]


Book 1 in the Dark Tide Trilogy series Aliens have invaded the Milky Way. Captain Martin and his fleet at[...]

Urban  Fantasy

Book 1 in the Kingdom Journals series "He wouldn't understand. He didn't live in a masked world. In truth, he[...]
Book 1 in the The Primal Series series Known simply as subject 336, she was the unwilling subject of sinister[...]
Book 1 in the Silver Sagas series The youngest daughter of the silver fairy king, Rebecca’s life up to now[...]

general romance Series

Historical Romance

Book 4 in the Thief in Time series Edmund, once a 17th century earl, is unexpectedly returned to 1601 London,[...]
Book 4 in the Dangerous Lords series Andrew, the Duke of Harrow, has returned to his Oxfordshire estate after years[...]
Book 1 in the Chained Trilogy series This is Book 1 in the Chained Trilogy, a Medieval Fantasy Romance about[...]
Book 1 in the Cast in Scandal series Gideon Waverley, heir to the Duke of Townsend, had everything a young[...]
Book 3 in the Rich Man | Poor Man | Beggar Man | Thief series Starvation, filth, and killing poverty[...]
Book 1 in the Smithfield Market Romances series The world always ignored Elsbeth Blakely, given that she was just another[...]

Romantic Suspense

Book 4 in the Gold Coast Retrievers series Peyton McIntyre's brother is missing. Local police claim they're looking into it,[...]
Book 1 in the Hidden Truth series When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband is part of an[...]
Book 1 in the The Lost Billionaires series Cut off, disinherited, alone. Suddenly college student Kinsey Hendrix has bills to[...]


Book 1 in the Once Upon A Romance series Charlotte (Charlie) King has more important things to do, like saving[...]

Otherworldly romance Series

sci-fi  rom.

Book 1 in the Alien Abduction series Anna Elliott wanted to get away. But an alien spaceship was not on[...]

fantasy Romance

Book 1 in the Guardians of Light series Dara Khan Androcles was trained from childhood to be a healer. But[...]
Book 3 in the Daughters of Avalon series Facing the grim prospect of a forced marriage to a feckless minion[...]
Book 1 in the Dragons of Ascavar series A haunted dragon warrior. Scarred by past battles, dragon shifter Tarek Windstriker[...]

paranormal  Romance

Book 1 in the Love through Time series A single moment changed Jessica Winters’ life forever… a drunken driver crossed[...]
Book 1 in the Phoenix Institute series The world's most powerful weapon is a young soldier raised in isolation….. Alec[...]
Book 1 in the Dark Gardens series Danger lurks for Julia Marsden, the daughter of the late vicar of St.[...]
Book 1 in the Thorne Witches series Life in a small town can be tough. It can be even tougher[...]

Contemporary romance Series


Book 2 in the Crystal Lake series Reeling from a broken engagement that resulted in a small town scandal, ER[...]

Medium Heat

Book 1 in the Return to Cupid, Texas series Taylor Braxton, along with a few adventurous girlfriends, decides to test[...]
Book 1 in the Girl Gear series When it comes to playing games, GIRL GEAR's website editor Macy Webb is[...]
Book 1 in the Brigadier Station series When Meghan Flanagan, a vet-nurse from Townsville, moves to Brigadier Station in outback[...]
Book 1 in the Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star series Before they can have a second chance, they have to live[...]


Book 1 in the It's Reigning Men series Modern-day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old-fashioned problem: his demanding[...]


Book 1 in the Touch series What happens when you meet the man of your dreams… and his wife? Kenna[...]

even more fiction Series


Book 1 in the The Darkness Trilogy series When four women from different walks of life are brought together by[...]
Book 1 in the Criminal Intentions series ABOUT THIS EPISODE When a string of young queer men turn up dead[...]

Young  Adult

Book 1 in the Awakened Fate series Running away from home was never Chloe Kowalski's plan. Neither was ending up[...]
Book 1 in the The Final Life series For seventeen-year-old Dominique, nothing sucks more than being forced to move across[...]
Book 1 in the North Oak series BORN TO RUN: **FREE** Alexandra Anderson is on the run from the law.[...]

Christian fiction

Book 1 in the True Love series Tessa Scott can’t help but question God’s will. After the animal surgeon’s long-term[...]
Book 1 in the The Titus Ray Thriller Series series When he starts searching for answers, an assassin begins his[...]
Book 1 in the Tallowood Valley series Max Harper is a country boy at heart. Born on the land, he's[...]
Book 1 in the Faith Finders series Until she is ordered by Pharaoh to kill newborn Hebrew males, Puah thought[...]
Book 1 in the Circle of Friends series High school senior Glen is happy just to get by. True, he's[...]

women's fiction

Book 1 in the Charlotte Dodd series Charlotte Dodd dreams about being a spy. Not the cartoon-y, Kim Possible type[...]
Book 5 in the Carolina Coast Stories series Thirteen years ago, a spiked drink left Agnes with a permanent reminder[...]
Book 1 in the Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw series When Caity Shaw is fired from her first job that[...]
Book 1 in the Billionaire Knights series He’s young, rich, and part of San Francisco’s elite, with an important job[...]