Mysteries & Thrillers

She's a goth girl with an amazing power. He's a murderer who wants her gone. Are your secrets safe?
Kitty Crawford reached for stardom and fell hard.
May Ferth was born with stars in her eyes, but apparently not her future.
C-list actress Rosie Collins’ name is making headlines… unfortunately it’s only with the tabloids.
As a quirky British detective pursues a serial killer, one victim’s father wants to beat her to it.
A small-town mystery with a dash of romance and a few ghosts.
Her dream vacation became a nightmare fast!
A bond stronger than blood. A connection that could end it all.
An old house…a shadowy night…a tortured spirit...two lives irretrievably changed...

Romantic Suspense

Can fulfilling a promise bring love into Brodie Butler’s life again?
The Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on the Butler and Avila families.
He’s a loner by choice. She’s a winemaker in a man’s world.
He promised to protect her… Not to love her.
Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
Logan “Storm” Chambers is no stranger to pain.
At sixteen years old, Carly Mills was taught a valuable lesson about just how cruel people can be.
Tatum Carter is a warrior.
Joel will give his life to protect Britt from a poacher who's decided she's his next target.

Christian Fiction

In 1930s Arkansas, Bryony will do whatever it takes to ensure her family’s survival.
A Christmas program, an abused social worker, a God-hating former pilot, and a kidnapped baby. Will
In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Audrey Stone wants to help in the war. An award-winning novel.
CIA covert operative Titus Ray searches for answers; meanwhile, an assassin searches for him.

Fantasy & Urban Fantasy

What's worse than being pursued by the Four Horsemen? Discovering you're the Fifth.
The difference between me and the Knights of the Round Table? I make medieval look good.
Urban fantasy steps into the gladiators’ arena in this modern day, action-packed, calamitous series
Urban fantasy soars through the nine realms in this modern day, action-packed adventure!
Welcome to Havenwood Falls, home to sexy men, strong women, and neighbors who bite.
A historical fantasy of epic proportion, Kingdom Journals - Provocation - $0.99 thru 11/12
Five women bumble into an undead life of critter control when one turns a raccoon into a vampoon

Sci-fi Romance  & Paranormal Romance

Kidnapped by aliens, then stranded on a deserted planet with a hot alien warrior!

Historical Romance

Weaving a web of revenge can be satisfying, but dangerous to your heart.
Baron, Guy Fortescue's plans go awry when he meets Hetty Cavendish, who has a mind of her own.
An angry earl. A desperate spinster. A reckless wager.
A wallflower and a war hero fight a common cause but discover they also share an unbridled passion.

Sweet Romance

Welcome to Dogwood, Colorado, where a special dog named Match brings soul mates together!
She needed a place to stay. He needed to save his ranch. Together they just might make a home.
Can she make them a permanent arrangement before his time runs out?
Will they find a balance before time runs out?
How hard would you fight to make your dreams come true? Would you stand or could you bend?
Rainbow-haired, sassy T-shirt wearing Darby brightens lonely widower Joe & his 2 children's world.
Heartwarming, sweet romance....

ROMANCE WITH some (or a lot of) Heat!

I finally found a man who can rock my world. The only problem? He’s fifteen years younger.
He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.
Dying plane crash victims make love. Surprise! They're rescued, but Rose is now pregnant...
The secret they've kept can either bring them together or tear them apart.
Can a Hollywood A-Lister and a small-town baker find a recipe for love without burning themselves?
Getting Away Was Supposed to Fix Everything - but it just made things more complicated.
Will Jennifer’s happiness be the collateral damage of Dylan’s fame?
Romance on the naughty side
A temporary fling… sizzling summer nights… will it lead to more than they dreamed possible?
BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss, healing, & love where unexpected turns & heartache lead to passion

Even More Series

Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Fiction & LGBT Fiction

NEW RELEASE, a sizzling hot, possessive alpha male Mafia romance. Get it today!
Life is a journey, but sometimes the road leads to unexpected places...
If your love was illegal what would you do?
Another chance at love is all they need … if the past doesn’t come back to haunt them.