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Thrilling mystery Series

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Downton Abbey meets Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Sometimes a picture screams a thousand threats.
Photographer Sarah Bain must confront her own ghosts & face her most elusive & deadly adversary yet.
A wonderful who-done-it, debut novel!
Deathly mysterious virus ... eerie and riveting!
Meet Cliff Macklin, the new face of pulp fiction.
An ancient relic spurs a global quest placing rival factions on a collision course with disaster.
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Cozy Mystery

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A psychic sleuth. A talking dog.
Hilarious and mysterious! A delightful read...
"An impressive debut mystery!" -- Albuquerque Journal
Is their favorite hangout to blame for recent food poisonings? Or is it something more sinister?
Cupcakes, and murder, and sleuthing, oh my!
Is her newly adopted cat a murder suspect?
When Georgie Shaw met Detective Jack Wheeler it was love and murder at first sight.
She's trying to report on the facts, but someone is framing her for murder.
They say she's a goddess but she definitely doesn't act like one.
They say she's a goddess but she definitely doesn't act like one.
They say she's a goddess but she definitely doesn't act like one.
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To Err Is Human, To Kill Divine...
A new life, a foreign country, new dangers, and a fight to survive when civil war breaks out.
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Preston & Child meet Jams Rollins in this action-packed supernatural thriller series.
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Romantic Suspense

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The last thing Andi needs is a cocky FBI Agent...
A suspense romance series layered with emotion, and 2 people willing to risk it all for love.
She was off-limits. He didn’t care.
The PrequelFour stories of love, hate, and deceit
It's Better to be Bad…
“I found you and I’m not letting you go. Not ever. I’ve waited too long for you.”
Angel Matthew’s day started like any other…until she ran into the armed man in the hallway at work.
One severed finger. Two dead women. The only way Brody can protect Sarah is to lie.
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Speculative fiction Series


Monsters. Magic. Epic battles.
Only one thing is certain. The future of Azimar is shrouded in death.
Monsters. Daemons. Dragons. Spartans?
The epic fantasy you've been waiting for begins here!
When her world is shattered, Cali must choose: sacrifice the life she wants or the ones she loves.
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Science Fiction

Two steadfast friends travel to the future, in what becomes a maze of challenging decisions.
It's not the end of the world ... only humanity.
A saga of two universes, forty worlds, and a horrifying destiny begins in the unlikeliest of places
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Urban  Fantasy

She's a vampire. She's a witch. She's heartless... literally.
Meet Quentin Black. Private Investigator. Psychic. Possible murderer.
When your living room window starts giving you visions of the better pay attention.
Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission – to rejoin the human race.
Some angels don’t get harps. They hunt demons.

Otherworldly romance Series

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fantasy Romance

An ordinary girl. Four dragons tied to her by an ancient destiny. And a world to save.
A mystery ship, an ancient stone necklace, and a journey that defies time.

SciFi Romance

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When your partner is also your lover, failure is not an option.
Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.
1 man shouldn't be alive. 1 shouldn't be in love. 1 shouldn't exist. None wanted to be a superhero.
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paranormal  Romance

Secret lineage, a ruthless vampire, and forbidden romance.
Secret lineage, a ruthless vampire, and forbidden romance.
Wrong Time. Right Dragon.
A female werewolf in heat and a matchmaking old man turn Jeff’s world upside down.
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romance Series

Historical Romance

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She's a woman marshal in the Wild West who finds herself in a marriage of convenience.
A headstrong woman and a cautious, careful man. Can these two possibly find love together?
She’s hoping to find true love. He prefers to remain single and bring criminals to justice.
Can the Wagering Whist Society help an impoverished modiste win the hand of a sought-after duke?
One of the 20 Most Romantic Books Ever, According to BookBub Members.
All he wants is someone he can trust. All she wants is to belong. But when compromising circumstance
What started as a research project soon became a scandal...
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Dizzy Dog. Bossy Goat. Legendary Love.
Totaling the car of Hollywood’s leading star leads Cassie to the job of a lifetime—and love.
Best friends + Benefits =Baby?
A sassy chef finds herself on a 'not-a-date' with her boss/crush in this hilariously steamy rom-com.
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Xander, sophisticated and elegant. Sin, dominating alpha. One dangerous kiss catapults me into a war
She's more than he bargained for.
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A widowed artist. An old crush. One summer to get her life back. A USA Today bestseller!
Opposites attract when a shy computer nerd meets a billionaire playboy
Can a runaway bride find love with a jilted groom?
What do you do when you meet the guy of your dreams? Set him up with your sister, of course.
True love comes when we least expect and at any age
Can a bet and a fake relationship help two souls realize that home isn’t just the place that heals,
They thought they’d closed the door to love, but it came knocking anyway.
She’s sworn off men. He’s got a dangerous secret. Love isn’t in the cards, or is it?
Only God and an early Christmas miracle will be able to save them when disaster suddenly rages!
The attraction between them is inescapable! They will need their faith in one another to survive...

Medium Heat

The secret they've kept can either bring them together or tear them apart . . .
She once gave up everything for family. Will she have to do it again for love?
His First and Last is an irresistible story of first love and second chances.
Can Dr. Nathan Midas resist the allure of the beautiful woman under his care?
Dylan's an ass, even the preacher's daughter says so. Can he fix what fame has so easily broken?
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He's my best friend’s older brother, off limits and incredibly tempting.
He'll dig her out of debt... if she agrees to his terms.
She can’t stand him. The feeling is mutual. Can they make it through quarantine together?
What do a young genius and a gruff mechanic have in common?
Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together.
Does your horoscope decide your fate in love? 12 Zodiac signs. 12 Authors. 12 binge-worthy romances.
She wasn't ready for him.
Do second chances count when it's your heart on the line?
Could you walk away from your past if it promised you forever?
Could you walk away from your past if it promised you forever?
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even more fiction Series

Young  Adult

She has renegade magic - and that will cost her everything.
An epic YA fantasy series
The middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!
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Addie B. and her cousins discover a magical land when they adventure through The Moonstone Cave.
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women's fiction

Hannah travels to the Wild West to marry dreamy Luke. Discover what mysteries and treasures await!
Big Little Lies meets Class Mom!
A heartwarming and emotional tale of old wounds and new possibilities for a woman in mid-life.
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Three small-town moms search for an endangered teen, but they're not the only ones looking for her.
What happens if the most important decision in your world is the wrong one? Then what?
Does Tony have a chance to break through the wall of ice Robin built around her heart?
Small town. Big secrets. Deadly lies.
Four lives connected by one secret. The key to unlocking the answers…forgiveness.
Can accepting a dinner invitation lead to a happily ever after? It depends, if the guest shows up.
In The Right Choice, Jasmine Booth, the one and only daughter of Jasper Sr. and Jessica Booth, has m
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Historical fiction

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Texas Lawmen won’t go! US Cavalry can’t go! Jeb & Zach wade across the Rio to find a stolen girl.
A fresh take on the vitality, art, humor, and intrigue of 1930s New York, Detroit, and London.
Can a young woman change the direction of her life, defy the role she has been groomed to play?