Remember the first time you met your best friend?

That was the start of  a whirlwind journey you’ll never forget. Kind of like the first book in your favorite series. Wanna experience that magic again? Check out LitRing’s Series Finder!

Perhaps you and your bestie will even take the journey through the whole series together.

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A fun and flirty cozy mystery!
A fun and flirty mystery.
A fun and flirty mystery!
"If you want to see your daughter alive again, listen carefully."
A plate of bribery brownies. What could go wrong?
Chairing a preschool auction can drive anyone to murder.
You can't go wrong with chocolate.

Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction & Urban Fantasy

In the DarkWorld the things that go bump in the night are most likely true.
a time-travel romance
Across the stars. Through cyberspace. Into the Fringe.
How do you catch a bounty that can literally disappear?
When everything you have ever known is a lie. Will you seek the truth?
Hannah’s college plans didn’t include becoming the savior of a parallel world...
MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED. Worlds Collide - Heroes Arise.
There are worse things than witches that go bump in the night... and Roo might be one of them.

Christian Fiction

When he starts searching for answers, an assassin begins his own search--for him!
Sometimes, the hardest person to love is yourself…

Romantic Suspense

A deadly sexy game of cat-and-mouse...
Think you know Amanda? Think again!
Military trained, medically enhanced, designed to kill.
Military trained, medically enhanced, designed to kill.
Military trained, medically enhanced, designed to kill.

Paranormal Romance

He vowed to save her . . . even from herself. It won’t be easy with killers on her trail and the pas
She thought she could see it all…
. He showed her so much more. 
Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking.
Magical powers are revealed, alliances made, sparks fly, lightning strikes, and worlds collide.

Sci Fi & Fantasy Romance

To be with him, I’ll go to war with the entire galaxy.
Can Vickie step up, rekindle her marriage and to solve a mystery endangering her husband?

Historical Romance

A story of two very different people who belong together, sometimes fate can have a sense of humor.
Amelia must find a husband! Find out her path to true love in this riveting Regency romance!

Sweet Romance

Love is complicated.
Love is overrated.
Love is unpredictable.
Love is unexpected.
Love is confusing.
A failing bookstore. A crumbling house.
An instant connection that can weather any storm...until their dreams collide.
A promise between brothers. A secret that threatens to tear a budding romance apart.
A family secret brought her to Candle Beach. The same secret might drive her away.
Just hours into her first day at college Amanda wonders to herself, Is This Me?
Sometimes you just need an escape!
Finding happiness is a hard road sometimes...


What goes on tour, stays on tour... or does it?
Bridget knows how to assess risks, but are the consequences of exposing her heart too dangerous?
She's my best friend's kid sister. I don't do relationships, and I sure as hell won't do Baya.
Can a superstar singer croon his way into the heart of an ordinary girl?

steamy Contemporary romance

She's pretty sure Peter Pan had the right idea about growing up.
Some princes are charming. Others are tall, dark, and brooding…
There were no fairytales about single mothers...until now!

Even More Series

YA - Kids - Romantic Comedy - NONFICTION - Contemporary Fiction

The true definition of a New Yorker.
End the war and bring her brother home. If only it were that easy...
Hoagie finds himself in a strange world after his hamster ball rolls a bit too far from home.
The perfect fantasy might just be reality.
13 modern tales influenced by Appalachian folklore