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A plate of bribery brownies. What could go wrong?
A preschool auction can lead to murder.
Plans for a fairy-tale wedding. A dead body. So much for happily wedded bliss.
Murder by marshmallow stick?

Fantasy & Young Adult

Invisibility comes with a price.
A forbidden birth. A remarkable young woman. A marauding alien society. The battle begins.
Dark evil rises. A world on a deadly brink. A crossing into a mysterious realm. The journey begins.
A vicious attack. A race to deny death. Trust blurs and alliances break. The chase begins.
The past revealed. Space shifts and time twists. A gift given. War begins.
Magic vampires rule the land! A human girl is drawn into a magical realm and must save her sister.

Sci-fi Romance , Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy

A saga that spans 3 books with well-defined characters whose lives you will get involved in.
She can't remember him. He never forgot her.
Urban fantasy soars through the nine realms in this modern day, action-packed adventure!
Urban fantasy steps into the gladiators’ arena in this modern day, action-packed adventure!
Urban Fantasy goes medieval in this action-packed series of misadventures!

Historical Romance

A gothic romance of temptation and possession
The scandalous widow…and the curate?
Orphan Gillie Muir makes ends meet by holding genteel card parties...
The Duke of St. Ives might have found more than he bargained for ...
An independent baker. A skittish horse tamer. Can they tame their fears and allow love to flourish?

Sweet Romance

When Alicia's former crush Jeff comes into work, she realizes he's never looked better.
Because love has a funny way of finding us when we least expect it…
She’s trying to save her home. He’s trying to steal her heart. Could a pregnant cow end up helping t
She just wants to move on. But he can’t forget what they had...
She’s a rabbi. He’s a minister. Did God really mean to bring them together?
Welcome to Candle Beach, where falling in love is easy...almost.
An instant connection that can weather any storm...until their dreams collide.
A promise between brothers. A secret that threatens to tear a budding romance apart.
A family secret brought her to Candle Beach. The same secret might drive her away.
Can Lianne forget her heartbreak and help save her dying town?
It's been ten years. Is it too long?
Sometimes it’s hard to know when to let go of a secret.

ROMANCE WITH some (or a lot of) Heat!

He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.
Burning lunch wasn't the only hot thing in this housewife's afternoon...
A charming royal romance. Antonio has a month to find a wife, so he listens to his IT department to
Together... they burn hotter than the bourbon.
They didn't believe in love anymore, until they met each other.

Even More Series

Romantic Comedy, Literary FICTION & Contemporary Fiction

Will the scars from their past stop them forging a future together?
If she no longer believes in happy endings… how will she make other brides' dreams come true?
Three stories inspired by diaries and old letters, showing the true power of the written word...