The poolside romance reads Giveaway

Do you enjoy diving into a good book? Maybe you'd rather read a book than do anything else on a warm summer day. Perhaps you enjoy escaping into a romance which has hints of fantasy or paranormal, or elements of suspense.

Regardless of which books are your romance favorites, LitRing has a library dedicated to this genre which you can check out below! We've organized the books by sub-genre so you can go straight to your favorite!

Be sure to enter the giveaway to the right, too because one lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to the online book retailer of their choice.

A Touch of Romance

romantic Suspense

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A captivating tale of danger and love! Get it now on Amazon, or read FREE in KU!

Historical Romance

A princess in disguise. An embattled warrior. Secret lovers find stolen peace.
What if your favorite superheroes had Regency-era doppelgangers?

Sweet Contemporary romance

sweet contemporary romance

Because love has a funny way of finding us when we least expect it…
Will working together at Maui’s newest resort turn an old wound into a new love and give them a HEA?
A handsome celebrity chef. A treacherous ex. Can Verena survive the biggest break of her career?
Letting go of a lifetime of hurts isn’t easy. It’s hard to believe that Happy Ever After exists.
Will her husband's confession rob them of a future together?
What will it take for a clueless computer genius to notice the loving woman at the desk beside him?

Hot Contemporary romance

Medium Heat contemporary

Readers who hunger for romance will find their fix with 'Oliver and Erica'.
A new job as the wedding planner on a cruise boat? Worst. Idea. Ever.
He is hotter than a chili pepper. She is icy champagne. A combination ready to combust.
Get three full-length contemporary romances—Small Town Charmers by Mindy Neff

Steamy contemporary

12 Candidates for 12 Gentlemen. One night. He pays, she stays. What they do is up to him.
One night can change everything.
Sometimes old flames burn the hottest.
Ty Galloway has assembled a team to conquer K2, including climber Lindsey Coulson.


"If you choose to be with me, I will own your ass-often. And you, Ava, will like it."

EVEN MORE romance


Scottish lochs. Haunted castles. A love in trouble. Will these best friends be finally united?


Sometimes love comes along when we least expect it.