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Do you ever have real emotions for fictional characters? Maybe you daydream about what life would be like with your favorite book hero or heroine at your side. Perhaps you enjoy your romance with a hint of fantasy, paranormal, or suspense.

Regardless of which books are your romance favorites, LitRing has a library dedicated to this genre which you can check out below. We've organized the books by type so you can go straight to your favorite romance sub-genre.

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Suspenseful Romance

romantic Suspense

Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
Mystery, romance, adventure… and lots and lots of dogs!
A man learns to dig deep when the fight lands on his doorstep in a hail of bullets.
Can her golden retriever help to reveal an arsonist before he strikes his next match?

Historical Romance

Historical Romance

Nicholas is forced to kidnap the woman he loves after she becomes entangled in an assassins web.
Let your defenses down for a hot Viking time-travel romance today!
Forbidden love...sizzling romance, tightly written plot, and a vivid historical setting!
A gentleman and a vicar's daughter have little in common. As their friendship grows, so does love.
Rakes are intent on something a young debutante must never give them... their virtue!
The Ladies' Wagering Whist Society, they play for secrets.
A man in search of a woman – but not the one he’s accidentally abducted…
Can Deborah's love and caring save a man scarred by war?
Mischief, Marriage, and Mayhem!

Otherworldly Romance

Fantasy Rom.

One dress could be the missing link to happiness
By night, he slays the demons in her nightmares. By day, he longs for her love.

paranormal romance

Take a walk on the dragon side!
True love never dies.
To stop a killer can Quinn Taleisin and Lachon Findel put the ghosts of the past behind them?

Sweet Contemporary romance

sweet contemporary romance

A sweet, single dad romance for fans of heartwarming stories and small-town settings.
Wealthy. Privileged. Seth Owens has it all. Except for the woman who holds his heart.
Marriage-in-name-only with certain rules: 1. Stick to business 2. Don’t fall in love Simple right?
Bash and Holly aren’t looking for love, but fate and cupcakes quickly change their plans.
Love is unpredictable --- or is it?
Mistaken Identity. A woman in hiding. And a man who is determined to win her over.
He’s not looking. She’s been burned. But sparks fly, and they decide to go one date.
What do a fifteen-year-old pact, a fake engagement, and a stalker have in common?
When you’re fifty with failed relationships, it’s hard to trust again.

Hot Contemporary romance

Medium Heat contemporary

A second chance romance.
USA Today bestselling author Cheryl Phipps brings her hot Billionaire Knights to town.
A David vs. Goliath story with a side of sweet tea and romance
Who wouldn't want to house sit for a movie star? The one woman he asked to do it.
She’s there to do her job, not fall in love.

Steamy contemporary

Virgin, Lily has been drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned with no way of escaping.
Some princes are charming. Others are jerks.
She’s no damsel. He’s no prince. Can their love be strength enough to save them both?


He knew he didn’t deserve her, but the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was his.

EVEN MORE romance

romantic comedy

Love, laughter, secrets!
Join Abby on her hilarious, romantic adventures as she steps out of her comfort zone.
Soulmates don't always start as friends. Sometimes they start as enemies...


New sheriff vs. violent housebreaker--his first suspect, a pretty nurse~is she an accomplice?


Fake dating the bad boy for revenge. What could go wrong?