Summer Romance With a Book Giveaway

Do you need an escape from the "real" world? Do you love living vicariously through the characters in romance novels? If you answered "yes" to either or both of these questions, then we are right there with you!

Regardless of what types of romance books are your favorites, LitRing’s Romancing the Book Giveaway is here to celebrate romance in all of its sub-genres and heat levels.

And two lucky readers will receive  a tower of snacks and a $25 Amazon gift card to enjoy while escaping into their favorite romances, too! You don’t want to miss your chance to win!

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A Touch of Romance

Romantic Suspense

Can her canine sidekick and new love interest help reveal an arsonist before he strikes again?
To keep her clean he's about to get dirty...
Love begins with trust...and he's already broken hers.
Ten-millions dollars and a forced signature later and she was mine.Like a thief I came in the dead
Pairing high heels with handguns is complicated.

Historical romance

Two agents sent to expose a traitor before he strikes. But danger is closer than they think . . .
How could someone so buttoned up shoot fire through his blood the way she did?
A Spinster by any other name...
An arranged marriage between a damaged duke who doesn’t wish to marry, and an independent lady.
Four binge-worthy historical tales of enemies to lovers and opposites attract.
Can a love that is Texas Born be the key to stop the turmoil before there is trouble along the borde

Sweet contemporary romance

Sweet Contemporary romance

Zach has amnesia and must relearn everything, but all he wants to study is the nurse who saved him.
Will she risk letting him into her heart again, or will he forever remain a rough draft?
Adversity won't keep Karleigh from keeping her Faith, not even the handsome barber next door.
Tiffany hopes to pick up the pieces of her life. She soon falls for Jake, who has his own secrets...
She’s desperate to start over. He represents the past she wants to leave behind. But falling in love
Can Cass learn to stop running and trust her heart?

Hot Contemporary Romance

Medium Heat Contemporary

Will a business deal come between two soul mates, or will they get their second chance?
Will her heart remember when her mind cannot?
An inheritance brought her to Magnolia, but love just might keep her there…
Humor, Heart, & Cajun Charm
One driven woman. Five passionate paths to the perfect love.


Wicked Sanctuary...surrender your inhibitions

Steamy Contemporary 

Temptation never looked so sweet!
He speaks Italian. "Giorno e notte sogno solo di te."  "Day and night I dream only of you."
Gabriel meets Emily and the lust and love sparks fly. But can they stay safe when gangsters intrude?
Mixology, where the cocktails are tasty and the barmen are tastier.
A second chance, friends to lovers romance that asks the question: Can Sex Friends Stay Friends?
A steamy, emotional romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Alexa Padgett.
The Inferno: Just one burning touch connects a Dante with his soul mate.
Sometimes you have to leap before you know if you can fly.

Out of this World Romance

Paranormal romance

Love or revenge?
How to steal a dragon prince's heart? Step one: Enter his lair....
They were torn apart by outside forces but Fate won't be denied.
Discover the new adult paranormal fantasy series with over 1 million sales and downloads.


A never-serious cyborg and a drama-attracting human princess team up for a dangerous mission.
She's everything this dragon wants but loving her could destroy everything he's trying to save.


A twisted fairy tale. A curse awoken.

EVEN MORE romance


Has God heard his desperate prayer? Could she be the answer?


Falling in love is hard. Adulting is harder.


The last thing Ethan's hot mess of a life needs, is a much older, sinfully hot, epic complication.

Romantic Comedy

The rules were simple—don’t fall for the handsome vet. Oops! Some rules are meant to be broken.
You're never too old to fall in love with a rock star...
He left her in ruins. But now he's back. Will she give him another chance ?
Arranging a wedding for her brother and a five-time thoroughbride tests Hope in all ways possible.