Swipe Right for Books Giveaway

runs Sept 6th - Sept 12th

sign ups close Sept 4th at 10 AM EST

Do you have a romance book that you’d like to get into the hands of more readers? If so, then you’re in luck because romance is the most popular genre among LitRing readers. In fact, their love for romance books is the inspiration for this promo, which we’re calling the Swipe Right for Books Giveaway!

It’s just $25 to participate and LitRing provides you with promotional graphics and copy-and-pasteable text content to share with your readers if that’s something you’d like to do.  LitRing also provides readers with a giveaway which rewards one lucky reader with an Amazon gift card they can use to buy more romance books!

And hey, for an extra $25 we’ll boost a Facebook post on the LitRing page, which boasts over 22k followers!
The sign-up form closes at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, September 4th, so be sure and complete the form below now to save your spot!