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Fear, violence, slavery—throughout his adult life, Barloc has known no other way.
Practice makes perfect, or so she thought . . .
They're powerless without her; she's powerless to resist.
One teen assassin-in-training must unite three warring supernatural dynasties...
Seventeen-year-old Zoe must devise a kickass plan to thwart eveil or watch the world burn.
Mythological creatures, well-formulated plots, mystery, and adventures!

Mystery, Thrillers, & Horror

A haunted man. A murdered friend. A deadly enemy.
"If you want to see your daughter alive again, listen carefully"
Chicago PI Georgia Davis discovers a half-sister who's in big trouble and needs to be rescued.
Fate in plain sight.
Some days, the only plan is survival...
Cooking is nourishing, murder isn't!
A fascinating introduction to a character that will rival Miss Fisher in the cozy genre.
Scary Movie meets 50 Shades on the Food Network!
Dating Can Be Deadly when your friends set you up on 6 blind dates & one of them is with a murderer.
Be quick. Be quiet. Be safe. Fight or die.

Sci-Fi, fantasy, & Urban Fantasy

The land-dwelling Erdlanders don't know about her. The amphibious Sualwets reject and resent her.
No Metal - No Magic! How can he save the tribe without magic?
Tomb Raider meets urban fantasy in a new, spine-tingling adventure...
Can Noah Zarc stop Earth from being destroyed... a second time?
In a universe of science and magic, a new kind of hero must arise...
She must harness her fire, or loose the world to darkness.
She fell from heaven... Now She's back.
Who would you call during a zombie apocalypse? The Police? The Military? Your crazy prepper neighbor
Mad Max meets GOT - Meet Maddie the NPC with attitude.
One power. One prophecy. One chance to save the world.
There's a dragon in the woods behind Rachel's house. Then things get weird.
Dark, gritty, and occasionally hilarious. A shopkeeper with one small problem; he's a necromancer.

Christian Fiction

Three homeless children. Two estranged brothers. One last chance.
Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, she may be his only chance...
Amanda wrote her memoir to make peace with her past. Instead, all she's done is revive old enemies.
He escapes from Iran; now, an assassin is looking for him in Oklahoma.
The Pony Express might be the answer to everything he craves, but what will he have to give up?
Can two lost souls find a new direction in each other?

Historical ROMANCE

A Cinderella story with an unusual hero, a smart heroine, and a heartwarming Happily Ever After.
Clarissa Sullivan defies family to teach, join the suffragist movement and love the man she desires.
The Darkest de Wolfe of all finds his salvation.
A murder, a girl on the run, and the sweetest romance, all in one book.
Twins separated at birth, reunited at knifepoint! A Victorian Scottish Romance

Romantic Suspense

When the son of a serial killer falls for his father's only surviving victim... Love is the antidote
When affairs of State battle affairs of the heart, ordinary lovers become extraordinary heroes!
A tortured soul unable to rest, a shattered heart unable to run... Can the past heal the future?
​​He saved her once. Can he save her again?
She wrote a prisoner sexy letters on a dare. It was safe enough. Until he escaped.

Otherworldly Romance

Fantasy romance, sci-fi Romance,
& Paranormal Romance

She's on the run, but doesn't know it...
A runaway daughter, seeking escape from abusive hands. A journeyman tanner willing to save her.
The human is mine.
She was destined to save his heart of stone....
What would you do if Earth had no men? Would you travel to A World Beyond?
A young shapeshifter joins a team of rogues to protect her territory, finding love and danger.
She's hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.
Could a message from the past save their marriage?

Sweet Romance & Romantic Comedy

Can a mistaken identity lead to love?
An animal hater and an animal lover’s paths collide the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.
They didn’t expect to fall in love… especially not with each other.

medium heat Contemporary ROMANCE

Her brother said to keep an eye on her and that's exactly what I'm doing.
A virgin, her playboy boss, and a wedding cake disaster...

Steamy contemporary Romance

He's off limits. But when I find his sketchbook full of dirty drawings--of me--I can't resist
This wicked billionaire will do anything to get what he wants...and he's not afraid to play dirty.
One mistake, one lie, one week...
He may be a player, but this stud's not shooting blanks.
Ultimate SEAL Collection SEAL Brotherhood Series 1-4 + Prequels
A sexy con artist. A playboy prince. A job gone terribly wrong. Let the games begin...
In this "Beauty and the Beast" update, a disgraced reporter meets an injured, reclusive veteran.
One mistake. Four years of regret. What would you do for a second chance?
She will ruin him. He might not care.
Dominant, sexy, alpha, and 100% off limits!
Steamy Romance
Tough. Dominant. Damn sexy. And knows it, too.
You've loved these Bad Boys before, now you can enjoy them all together in one package.
Hiding in plain sight just got complicated....

Erotic romance

One touch, and he was lost.
When the mysterious man of your dreams hands you an invitation, you don’t turn it down.
For every ounce of pleasure, a price must be paid.
She'll go from the streets to the penthouse. The price? Her submission.

Even More Audiobooks

lgbt, literary fiction, & women's fiction

When you're trying to save everyone, who will save you?
When two people's lives are spiraling out of control, can coming together pull both of them back up?
A single cop. A childless woman. An almost-dead mama and her two little ones. And a murderer.