Pining for Indie authors Giveaway

Here at LitRing, we love support indie authors. And the closer we get to Halloween, the more we want to fill our e-readers and bookshelves with their books. If you're looking for recommendations, then look no further. Scroll down and check out the Pining for Indie Authors below now!

This giveaway celebrates indie authors in all genres including romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and more! While you’re checking out the books, be sure to grab your chances in the giveaway which will reward one lucky winner with a cozy Fall prize pack which includes a $10 Amazon gift card and more.

For thrill-seeking readers

Cozy Mysteries

It's not every day you are responsible for the wedding of the year
Mona Moon is the American Phryne Fisher!
A celebrity television chef with a Fledgling VIP catering company & a 10-year-old niece.


Can Tara run fast enough to catch the live Gingerbread boy before he decides to get rid of her?


Trapped in constant terror, fully isolated with their sanity draining. How long can they survive?


When a baby disappears, only the mother knows she's alive-but where in Coney Island is she?

For lovers of literature

Women's Fiction

From the friendzone to forever. Maybe. Can Sam and Scarlett make the biggest shift in their lives?
Friends by chance. Sisters by choice.


Sapphira begins a desperate quest to find a physician to heal her beloved husband Aaron.
She's been duped by a slick-talking man. Will he forgive her when he learns who it is?

Young Adult

An ancient order of knights, a Viking king's sword, and a crippled heiress. Can Chad trust anyone?

For out-of-this-world readers



The Prophecy of the Water Sprite A Fantasy Reverse Harem Standalone books with fairytale vibes



Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they and she knew the truth…


A modern girl. A door to the past. No way back.
For a former Fool, the road to glory is lumpy, bumpy and full of pitfalls!

For contemporary 

Romance Readers

Sweet Contemporary Romance

The love story of a lifetime begins with a legend....

Medium Heat Contemporary Romance

Can a no-strings fling from the past turn into more for Lynne and Guy?

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Forgive him his trespasses.
Even a hard man needs a soft side.

For MORE Romance Readers

Paranormal Romance

Rachel has no trouble believing in spirits. It's the living she has a tough time believing in.
This tormented cyborg craves vengeance…and her.
Some secrets are too dangerous to keep


One Coffeehouse. Two older women. Is it possible to find love over a coffee?
Would you stay overnight in a haunted Bed-and-Breakfast?