LitRing's non-zon list-builder


Want to grow your newsletter AND your reader base on retailers like iBooks, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay, and Audible? 

Well, that's what the new Non-Zon builder is all about!

Each month we'll have 5 spots per genre, which means you'll only share your new readers with 4 other authors. We'll collect data about your new readers for you too–like which retailer they shop at, whether they like audiobooks, and more. And we'll give that all to you for every single new subscriber. While we know some Amazon readers will sign up as well, all our ads will be expressly targeted toward finding readers on–you guessed it–non-Amazon platforms.

What's more, any author who receives less than 1,000 subscribers during the month will automatically be re-enrolled for next month, totally free of cost.

And if you're willing to share our non-zon promo with our readers, you have a chance to win a free month too. Yup, any author who gets more than 250 readers to sign up will receive a credit for a free month. That's $100, just for sharing something cool with your readers.

Space is limited, and our popular genres will fill up fast, so don't delay!

***If interested, you can also view our October results here.


  • This will help us determine how to target our ads. You will still receive subscribers across all retailers regardless of which options you choose on this form.
  • Price: $100.00