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COZY Mystery

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When it comes to murder, will history repeat itself?
Irma wants to save the world. Violet just wants to survive her vacation.
Lacey Willow isn't just a witch. She's a bad one.
A fun witch mystery. Turmoil, murder, and cookie jar spirits are turning the world upside down.
Will my new cat's secret help my BFF and I catch a killer?
There's no place like New Orleans go have a GOOD CRIME!
A reluctant witch, a furry sidekick, and a personal poltergeist. Welcome to Crooked Windows Inn!
Cats & Yarn? Yes, please!
A humorous and heartwarming cozy mystery you won't soon forget.
On a journey of self-discovery, Cara Mia didn't expect to uncover an old boyfriend and a dead body!
A whimsical matchmaker. A bizarre murder. And a psychic amateur sleuth.
When an all expenses paid dream job turns into a disaster!
A murder in the library, a killer knight stalking victims and a nosy librarian turned sleuth.
Can she help her witchy cat win a bitter feud with a newly dispatched ghost?
She's a country girl who loves her dog. But life is suddenly less countrified and more homicide.
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If one could sleep one’s self to death…
Mona has a gun in her purse and she knows how to use it!
They see her as a monster. But she’s their only hope for seeing their kids again.
Two dead teens. A case gone cold. A twisted tangle of clues and dead ends.
Margaritas, mayhem, and murder. Too bad her only defense is a cocktail umbrella.
Meet Quentin Black: Private Investigator. Psychic. Possible murderer.
"Downton Abbey meets Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" - Mystery/Romance in Chicago, circa 1930
Detectives Kennedy & Donovan - still partners even though one of them is dead.
At first, a cop and a professor grudgingly work together to solve the murder of her student; later…
How can she keep her mind on finding a killer when her life is falling apart?
She's got snark, wit, and a pocketful of Tootsie Rolls. She's fighting crime, one bad guy at a time.
Feel the cold, feel the suspense: a crackerjack whodunit
Strange Biblical Killings Inspired by a Mediaeval Painting of The Last Judgement.


A million dollars of goods are stolen… but the insurance company doesn’t want to pay out.
Her husband is dead, they want her dead too, but she can't identify the killer who has a new face.
Lila Hilliard comes home to Chicago for the holidays to find someone is trying to kill her.
A deadly cover-up. An abandoned house. Returning home might be the last thing she ever does.
There’s a dangerous cult in Palm Beach… Sex, money, and then, MURDER!
"A beefy police procedural with well-developed sci-fi and espionage touches." ~~Kirkus Reviews
An edge-of-your-seat ride: 13 brand new, psychological suspense thrillers by WSJ, USAT authors
One American riflewoman. One Impossible spy mission. One shot at changing the course of history.
Can you go too far to save a child?
Revenge is a dish best served cold. A masterly thriller with a mind-blowing murder plot!
A rebel lawyer. A hopeless case. Who fights for justice? Read The Last Chance Lawyer.
Who is threatening Leah? And why do they want her committed?
Motherly love can drive her to the absolute edge…
How do you solve a family mystery when there are no clues?
Elizabeth thought that after all they'd been through, the bad parts were over. Guess not.
Bartholomew Beck thought he'd buried his secrets. But when someone digs them up, a reckoning awaits.
Who is more evil..? The killer or his victims..?
What if the one person you can't yourself?
CIA operative Titus Ray goes on the run from an assassin after making his escape from Iran.
Givers must set limits, for takers have none.
Who can you trust when corruption and danger are a way of life?

romantic Suspense

A billionaire heiress, a secret she needs to keep safe, and the one man who can protect them both.
When she gets kidnapped, this Jekyll will give a whole new meaning to Hyde.
Welcome to Steadfast, Wisconsin, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget~
Will her shocking past make their happily-ever-after impossible?
Can Nate trust the woman he wants by his side or should he turn her in as a traitor?
Her dream vacation became a nightmare fast.
She's a rule breaker. He's a rule follower.
She's an undercover detective who just wants to do her job. He has other ideas in mind.
Pink envelopes, murder, and a spy determined to win.


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She’s immune to every disease. But her curiosity may get her killed…
A Single Round is a collection of stories from Hard Place.
There is something in the Creole house. Ever watching, always hungry… it waits.
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