Monthlong Matchmaker
hot contemporary romance

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If you’ve read our 11K Reader Survey, you know that we found that readers love receiving gift cards, free books, and eReaders. They also told us that Mystery, Contemporary Romance, and Sweet Romance are their favorite genres.

The readers have spoken and we’ve listened. The Matchmaker Giveaway from LitRing is a monthly genre specific giveaway that matches authors of one specific genre to the readers who love the books in that category.

For Readers, the focus will be on their favorite genre and they’ll get introduced to old favorite authors as well as new to them authors all month long. In addition, instead of one large prize, there will be weekly smaller giveaways for readers to maintain engagement for the duration of the month.

For authors, you’ll get matched with authors on your same shelf! Your Also Boughts will thank you, and who knows, you might just make a few new pals to keep in touch with after the promo is done. Plus you’ll have the chance to get the promo you really want in the same promotion!

For this month it's all about Contemporary Romance. Steamy, Erotic, or Dark we want to spend some time with you!

Each week, we'll focus on one of four promotional areas:
  1. Need some platform love? We’ve got you covered with Bookbub, Amazon and Goodreads Follow features.
  2. Need to get more social? We’ll get you in front of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube likers.
  3. Want more subscribers for your newsletter? There’s a list building feature.
  4. Like to party? We’ll open up our VIP Readers group just for you on a specific day and time with the other others who are similar to you!

All the while, we’ll have ads rolling to the giveaway page all month long to get eyes on your book. Plus we’ll send word out to our newsletter, website, and our VIP reader group of more than 11K members.

Only $100 to participate and we’ll handle advertising, graphics, prizes, and making this tons of fun for readers and authors alike.