Loving Day's Diversity Books

Are you open to stories that feature an interracial couple? What about a story where an individual in the majority stands up for someone in the minority? How about a tale where someone in power advocates for the oppressed? Then have we got some books for you! Check out the books of LitRing’s Loving Day’s Diversity page.

Love stories the cross cultural and racial boundaries, tales of overcoming disabilities, and triumphs of those who are overlooked are all waiting for you to turn the page!

What’s Loving Day? Loving Day celebrates the landmark Supreme Court decision which struck down the ban against interracial marriage in the U.S. We welcome all genre of books -no discrimination here. Each book in this list features a diverse character for our readers to celebrate! 

Contemporary & Women's Fiction

Prison camp, starvation, execution...all threaten her little family.
They say that death happens in threes, but so does life.
Jobless, broke and heartbroken is not a recipe for love. If you believe in love.
Join eight authors as they celebrate love in all its forms and colors!

Medium Heat Contemporary Romance

Love takes Filipina Krista Lopez from Boracay to New York to meet her American boyfriend's family.
There were no fairytales about single mothers... until now!

Historical Romance & Christian Fiction

In This Life and The Next....Choose Love
Nothing in life is free, not even love.
Some call him half-breed and all call her a lady. Few in 1825 would judge them equals~

Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy

A life without love, forbidden or not, is a life unlived…
A shy gallery owner, a grumpy Greek god, plus interfering friends. What could go wrong?
Vampires. Witches. Werewolves. Betrayal.
He'll risk everything to go on a quest most think is impossible.
He has enough dark power to destroy everything and everyone. To save her, he might have to use it.

Steamy Contemporary Romance

They were never meant to be perfect; their pieces wouldn't fit together that way.
Can they get past the secrets, or will it all be too much?
Love where you least expect it...
Sometimes old flames burn the hottest
Life was perfect, until it wasn't. Then out of the ashes, he showed up...
If you had the choice, would you say yes to the bearded manwhore?
New release in the Granite Lake Romance series by USA Today bestselling author, Jody A Kessler

Even More Books

Thrillers, YOung Adult & LGBT

When a teenage murder suspect vanishes, bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hired to return her to custody.
USA Today bestselling author offers a sweet romance, set against a mystical coming-of-age journey.
The enduring friendship of two remarkable women—reporter Lorena Hickok, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt