Loving Day's Diversity Promo

PROMO RUNS June 15-21 | SIGN UPS CLOSE June 13

Do you tell a story that features an interracial couple? What about a story where an individual in the majority stands up for someone in the minority? Have you woven a tale where someone in power advocates for the oppressed? Then we want to feature your book in the Loving Day Diversity Giveaway.

Loving Day celebrates the landmark Supreme Court decision which struck down the ban against interracial marriage in the U.S. In this promo we welcome all genre of books -no discrimination here. Just so long as your book features a diverse character for readers to celebrate! One lucky reader will win a Kindle Fire!

Come join the fun with LitRing’s Loving Day's Diversity Giveaway. Only $25 to participate and we’ll handle the advertising, graphics, prizes, and making this a touching experience for readers and authors alike.


Open to all genres that show diversity!