Our new Facebook ads program was developed for authors who want expert ads management at an affordable cost. We've accomplished this by making some changes to our usual workflow that allow us to work faster and better.

This includes running client ads through Novel Publicity's Facebook Business Manager account. Ads will still be served via your author page (or the LitRing page if you prefer), so your can continue to build your custom audiences. However, by using our account as a base, we are able to bring in dozens of audiences we've already created and cultivated across almost every genre–including completely custom reader segments from our sister site, LitRing.

At the beginning of the month, you'll set your budget for ads and pay for both the service and the ad fees. We will monitor your ads daily and make small adjustments to yield the best possible performance for your campaigns. At the end of the month, we'll provide a detailed report on performance and suggestions for going forward, including which ads and audiences worked best for your books. It's up to you whether you continue with us into the next month or take the information provided to tackle ads on your own.

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Prefer to work directly with Melissa Storm? This could be a great fit for you if you're the type of author who likes to spend big to earn big. No campaign or budget limits apply here, but there is a waiting list.