Are you ready for March's spring-themed LitBox?

LitRing has put together something extra special for you, which we're calling LitBox. As subscription box addicts, we know the joy of getting fresh surprises every month. And we wanted to give our author pals the same experience--a monthly package of awesome, goal-oriented business tools!

For a special limited-time price of $50 per month, you'll get assets to help you take your newsletters and social media to the next level while growing your readership. Check out all the details below, and be sure to tell your author friends so they can also enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with you!

Social Marketing Plan
Authors will get a social media plan to help connect and engage with readers and market their books. They will also receive tips for using the calendar. Every author receives the same plan, but they can be easily altered in whatever way authors see fit as they know their readers and the genre they write in the best!

Plug-and-Play Book Marketing Graphics
Each author will get a trio of seasonal related images so that you have ready-made graphics to share with readers! These graphics include a blank e-reader or paperback book space. You can use programs like Canva (which is FREE) or Photoshop to pop your book cover into place and have custom images to use in your newsletter or on any social media platform.

Exclusive Group Promo
Authors are invited to participate in a single group promo each month. This is an exclusive opportunity outside of LitRing's standard bi-weekly promos that is only available to the digital box subscribers. The group promo will be scheduled at various points within the month as to avoid competing with the bi-monthly promos and to maximize exposure and reader engagement. And you'll still get the valuable post-marketing data after the week-long promotion ends. The goal of March 2020's promo, called Celebrating Amazing Readers, is more Amazon follows. Sign up now to be included!

Newsletter Prompt
Newsletters are important. It’s no secret. It’s usually the first thing you learn when you start publishing. But getting those newsletters out each and every month (or week) can be tough, especially if you don’t always have new releases and sales to promote. Each month, we’ll provide you with one unique, creative newsletter prompt with an example text to keep you engaged with your readers in the best way possible.

One Group Marketing Lesson
You'll also have access to an interactive group marketing lesson per month. Mallory, LitRing's motivational & educational guru, will lead the call with authors who would like to learn together. These lessons are similar to what you'll find in Melissa Storm's Your Author Engine. So whether you're already enrolled in those courses or you've been wanting to try them out, you'll love these bite-sized versions!

This is a special introductory price that may be subject to change.


LitBox is my second assistant. Blank creatives that are season sensitive, group promotions that increase my NL’s and a calendar that gives me and my assistant a great starting point to plan our social media. The group call is a forum for writers to discuss marketing, goals, and concerns. This was second only to my Patreon subscription.

Author Susan Warner

Sweet Contemporary Romance

LitBox is wonderful. Not only do you get pertinent information on what you can use in social media, but there are images that make it so easy to push your backlist. The in-person discussions are a great way to get ideas and to keep you moving with your writing. It's a win-win opportunity.

Author Nan O'Berry

Historical Romance

The LitRing Digital Subscription box for authors is a boon. The newsletter prompt and social media calendar free up time and mental space for doing what I really love – writing. The monthly customizable graphics are perfect for my assistant to fill in and use with ease, and the promos build my followers for my newsletter, BookBub, and Amazon without me lifting a finger.”

Nyx Halliwell

USA Today Bestselling Author

Paranormal Cozy Mystery



Each box's social plan is themed for the current month. Even if you receive a social media plan as part of a different business owned by Melissa Storm, the social media plan in the LitRing digital subscription box is a custom tool that you won't find anywhere else.

Because the focus is on reader engagement, the suggestions on the calendar apply to any genre. If you write in more than one genre or have multiple pen names, then you can use the same calendar for them all. And Becky, LitRing's social media expert adds bonus tips to help you customize the calendar to fit your brand!


A professional graphic designer provides you with three blank images that you can use to promote your books. Having eye-catching graphics that promote your books is not only more visually appealing to your readers, but it also makes the post more shareable.

Adding your book cover to the graphic is easy. Just slide your book cover over the paperback or e-reader on the graphic and boom, you're ready to share the images on any social media account and your newsletter. You'll get more detailed instructions in the box.


The focus of the group promotion changes each month. A previous month's promotion might have focused on getting more newsletter subscribers for authors. A future one might focus on BookBub and Amazon follows, or adding more readers to your fan club, street team, or other social media reader group.

These group promotions runs outside of LitRing's bi-weekly promos, so there's no competing with other giveaways for attention from readers. And as always, LitRing provides a giveaway with a prize to encourage reader participation, as well as shareable text copy and graphics for you so you can make sure your readers can participate, too!

jazz up that newsletter

Do you struggle to find content that will keep your newsletter fresh and exciting so that readers will provide you with generous open and click rates? We get how real that struggle is, which is why a content specialist develops a sample newsletter that you can adapt to use with your readers--regardless of your genre.

As with the graphics and social media plan, the newsletter prompt follows a monthly theme to help keep everything consistent. It's super easy to use the prompt with your branding and writing style, so your readers are still hearing from you!


Marketing classes don't come cheap. LitBox subscribers receive a monthly marketing lesson similar to Melissa Storm's Your Author Engine. These interactive lessons are a place to learn more about all parts of your authorship so that you can make the most of your budget, whether you're just starting out or you've hit multiple bestseller lists.

LitRing understands that there's no guarantee we're all in the same time zone. Don't worry if you're unable to attend the lesson in person. We'll record the entire thing and send it out to all subscribers afterward. This way, you can go back and review it whenever and as many times as you like!