LitRing has put together something extra special for you. As subscription box addicts, we know the joy of getting fresh surprises every month. And we wanted to give our author pals the same experience--a monthly package of awesome, goal-oriented business tools! For a special limited-time price of $50 per month, you'll get assets to help you with newsletters, social media, and growing your readership. Check out all the details below, and be sure to tell your author friends so they can also enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience!

Social Marketing Plan
Authors will get a social media plan to help connect and engage with readers and market their books. They will also receive tips for using the calendar. Every author receives the same plan, but they can be easily altered in whatever way authors see fit as they know their readers the best.

Blank Graphics
Each author will get 3 seasonal related images that you can just pop your book cover image into and have some ready made graphics to share around! These will be images with a blank ereader or paperback book space and you will have to add in your cover via Canva or Photoshop.

Group Promo
Authors will be included in a single group promo each month. This is an exclusive opportunity outside of LitRing's standard bi-weekly promos that is only available to the digital box subscribers. The group promo will be scheduled at various points within the month as to avoid competing with the bi-monthly promos and to maximize exposure and reader engagement.

Newsletter Prompt
Newsletters are important. It’s no secret. It’s usually the first thing you learn when you start publishing. But getting those newsletters out each and every month (or week), especially if you don’t always have new releases and sales all the time, can be tough. Each month we’ll provide one unique and creative newsletter prompt and example text to keep you engaged with your readers in the best way possible.

One Group Call
This is our accountability and goal setting meeting call. Mallory, our motivational guru, will lead the call with every author who would like to join so we can synergize together.

This is a special introductory price that may be subject to change.


  • Price: $50.00
    By signing up for this product, you understand that this is a monthly digital subscription box and you agree to be charged $50.00 per month. You may cancel at anytime.You must subscribe by the 25th of each month to receive the next month's box. All digital content will be delivered on the 1st of every month.