LitRing's kindle unlimited Promo

runs December 14th -20th

sign ups close December 11th

The holidays are a hectic time. What better way to kick back and relax than with a book and a warm mug of hot chocolate. Well, with LitRing's Build a Snowman Giveaway, readers could have both! Add your book to this promo and get the snowball rolling with these binge-ful readers.

Many have cited increased page reads as one of the biggest benefits for our group promos, so that's what this next event is all about! If you have a book enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, then please join us for as little as $25.

Another awesome benefit of this promo? Find out what readers think of your book cover and tagline as compared to other books in your genre? This promo comes with a lot of fun data that can help you make better branding decisions for future.

If you would like the VIP treatment and a designated sponsored ad on our Facebook page, just for your book, you can add that on as well.

What we do:  Connect readers with books via our website, newsletter, and Facebook–and let them decide whether or not they want to purchase or download.

What we do NOT do:  Game the system, incentivize sales or page reads, or do anything else that could put your KDP account at risk.

And, yes indeed, this is a permanent site feature, which means your listing won't expire and readers can find your book at any time. Awww, heck yeah!