Runs December 17 - 23rd
Signups close December 15th at 10 AM EST

Are you using BookBub’s awesome marketing tools? No, not a Featured Deal, the other awesome marketing tools! Like a pre-order alert (highly targeted emails to your die-hard fans), new release alerts (a much-needed reminder to buy your book!), recommend a book (cross-promote with other similar authors), BookBub ads, and so much more.

Let LitRing help you land more BookBub followers to improve the results of all the handy marketing options we mentioned above!

Readers trust LitRing to recommend books to them in all formats, and we want them find and follow you on BookBub so you can promote your books to them!

Here’s what you get for the low price of $25:

  • Week-long giveaway fun!
  • Website page promotion for three months!
  • Newsletter mention to over tens of thousands of readers!
  • Social media mention to over forty thousand readers!
  • Additional promotion through contest sites we love!

If you want even more exposure, and to customize your submission, you can see all the limited add-ons on the form.

Readers will have the opportunity to win some awesome themed prizes! Doing so ensures we’re targeting the right readers for this promotion. The number of winners will be determined based on the number of authors we have participating.

The sign-up page closes promptly at 10 AM on December 15th, so be sure to secure your spot.

***DISCLAIMER: If LitRing feels there isn't enough participation in the promotion to make it the most successful in terms of cross-promotion among authors, we will delay the start of the promotion or cancel and refund it at will. Participating authors will be notified in this case.