Holiday Party

today begins our final author takeover for 2017 in the LitRing VIP Readers group on Facebook. Every day, 2 to 3 holly jolly authors will drop in for a week long holiday party - but it wouldn't be a real party without you!

Win a $100 Gift Card

Be sure you're a member of our LitRing VIP Readers group on Facebook, so you can attend our week-long takeover event.

These authors love readers as much as readers love authors. You're going to love getting to know them better!

Don't forget that Saturday is Tony Bertauski's Book Club Discussion, and Sunday is Melissa Storm's Book Club Discussion! Learn more about his book in LitRing's Book Club.

friday, december 15

  • Falcon Storm 12-2 PM EST
  • Amy Lamont 2-4 PM EST

saturday, december 16

  • bookmark
    Tony Bertauski 11 AM -1 PM EST

sunday, december 17

  • Melissa Storm 3-5 PM EST
  • Linzi Baxter 5-7 PM EST
  • S.B. Alexander 7-9 PM EST

monday, December 18

  • Becky Muth 1-3 PM EST
  • Eliza Watson 7-9 PM EST

Tuesday, December 19

  • Lou Aronica 10 AM - 12 PM EST
  • NJ Lindquist 1-3 PM EST

wednesday, december 20

  • ​Iris Morland 1-3 PM EST
  • Deanna Roy 7-9 PM EST

thursday, December 21

  • Tina Myers 1-3 PM EST
  • ​Vanda Writer 3-5 PM EST
  • Victoria Barbour 7-9 PM EST