The Best Book Friends Forever Giveaway

runs Mar 29 - Apr 4 | sign ups close March 27

Readers love talking about their favorite books, and this promo gives them the opportunity to connect with you and talk about your books on Goodreads! Now is the best time to get the attention of readers because everyone's setting new reading goals for 2019 on Goodreads.

Are you looking for more Goodreads followers? Would you like to increase the number of reviews on the books in your Goodreads list? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, then now’s the time to sign up for LitRing’s Goodreads promo!

It’s just $25 to participate and we’ll take care of the promo graphics and text copy as well as a giveaway to encourage readers to follow you on Goodreads and leave starred reviews for your books. Hurry though, because sign-ups close at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, March 27th.


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