The Grow Your Book Garden Giveaway

You don't need a big budget to fill your e-reader with books. The Grow Your Book Garden Giveaway provides you with free books in all your favorite genres!

And one lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card and a Gnorbert the Gnerdy Gnome figure, too! So take a few moments to enter the giveaway before adding to your TBR list so you can get every chance to win.

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For thrill-seeking readers

Cozy Mysteries

This talking cat has a murder to solve... But will his new human agree to play Watson to his Sherlock?
The third book in the popular cozy mystery series laced with humor and romance…


Francis Bacon must find out who is murdering barristers in Elizabethan London before he becomes the next victim.
There is a way out if she can find it.


An honest man in a dishonest world.

For out-of-this-world readers

Science Fiction

Who is Scott Chapman?

Urban Fantasy

Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they knew the truth…
An eternal contract that could destroy her life, her love, and even a city.


College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.
Because you never know when you might get attacked by slimebeasts.

For contemporary Romance Readers

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Sweet Contemporary Romance

Welcome to the small town of Elm Ridge, Kentucky, where you’ll swoon, smile, and fall helplessly in love with the Green family. This heartwarming romance has no cliffhangers and no cheating.

Fun Cowboy Romance set in Texas!
The past is inescapable, but does it have to spoil the future? In the small town of Paradox Lake Kari and Eli must decide . . .
An all-new sweet and sizzling small town romance!
Opposites attract in this city girl meets small-town boy sweet romance.
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Med. Heat

Rule 1 - Resist who I am.Rule 2 - Resist the urge to escape.Rule 3 - Resist the innocent beauty who takes all the wrong in my world and makes it right.


Nathan Midas is a prodigy. Focused and determined, he excels far beyond his peers and is the talk of the medical staff at Grayson Memorial Hospital. He has a knack for saving lives and melting hearts.
One might call it an accident; another would call it ... fate!

For MORE Romance Readers

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Lucy studies the science of passion, but has never fallen in love herself. So when she meets handsome neighbor Jensen, she decides he’s her perfect test subject — both inside and outside the lab…


Late night in Vegas. I swiped right on the wrong guy. Is he a desert miracle or one more bad choice?


Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.
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Paranormal Romance

A blind date, a gorgeous vampire, and a deadly assassin. Just a typical Friday night.
A Vengeful God. An army of evil warlocks. An inexperienced witch, the world's only hope...
A vampire king. A college student. And one deadly night that will change their lives forever.
Enter a world where Lycans, Nightwalkers, and Shifter Elves roam invisible to the mortal world, and the fate of their existence lies in the survival of a royal Aziza faerie princess set to be Queen.

For even more Readers


The Great War, a great romance, a greater faith. Also available in audiobook.
They recruited and trained her for a life of espionage. She turned out better than they expected—but God had other plans.

Women's Fiction

An imaginative Beauty and the Beast retelling set against the Alaskan wilderness…
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Young Adult

Pregnant and alone. That wasn’t how Tonya expected to end up.
Save Rapunzel. Save the witch.
A high school nemesis. A misuse of powers. An Unexpected Consequence.
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