LitRing's Find-A-Series Promo

PROMO RUNS November 9-15 | SIGN UPS CLOSE November 7th

We asked what type of promo you'd most like to see, and you answered loud and clear:  “I WANT TO PROMOTE MY ENTIRE SERIES AT ONCE, LITRING!”

Well, okay. Welcome to the Find-A-Series promo! We'll run a big ad and prize push during the active giveaway dates. However, enrolling your books in this promo means they get to live on the site for as long as you would like at no extra charge. The cost of this promo will depend 100% on how many books you want to enroll.

Prefer to dip your toe in the water by offering a first in series free? Then you'll pay just $25.

Want to promote a 4-book series? Then you'll pay $100.

What do we recommend? Offering book 1 for free and book 2 for a special 99-cent deal will likely yield the greatest results, but we'll leave the decisions up to you. We're here and ready to accommodate your wishes. Once the promo is over, your book will be given a permanent spot on our Series Finder page which is always accessible and linked on our website and in our weekly newsletter.  

We hope you'll join us for the return of one of our most popular promos to date!