Falling for Books Bookfair

Runs September 17th - 23rd
Signups close September 15th at 10AM EST

Do you want to promote your discounted books to new-to-you readers? Do you wish readers would add your books to their TBR list, read them, then tell all of their friends about the great book they just read? Or maybe you have a book (or two) that needs a little love? Let LetRing help! 

Get your free or discounted books into the hands of more readers. Sign up for the Falling for Books Bookfair. All genres welcome but books must be priced at $1.99 or less for the duration of the bookfair. It's only $25 to participate, and the books stay on a static page for at least three months, which we'll keep promoting during that time.

In addition to the giveaway, which rewards one lucky reader with a prize pack of really cool reader-centric things, LitRing provides participating authors with all the graphics and text content

 The opportunity to sign up for this promo expires at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, September 15th.