Escape With a Book Giveaway

Do you love reading mystery, thriller, and suspense books? Would you love winning a mystery lovers’ prize package? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you’re going to love what we have for you this week!

The Escape with a Book Giveaway introduces you to authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books while giving you the opportunity to win a mystery prize pack including a Murder at the Museum Puzzle and a $25 Amazon gift card!

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Jesse wanted quiet. Instead she got a house full of secrets. Will she survive if they are revealed?
A suspense/thriller cozy mystery with a touch of romance.
A mystery-thriller of deceit, murder, greed and hope by multiple award winning author, Sasscer Hill
Like Sherlock? Meet the sexy psychic version, Quentin Black!
Agatha Christie meets The Thomas Crown Affair. A new twist on historical & cozy mystery!
A broken nose, a lost tooth, a run through the streets of D.C. All in a day's work for Malachi...
Kidnapping, Murder, & Hoodoo. She's got her hands wicked full!
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COZY MysterY

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I just have one question: How did Dr. Dolittle make this gig look so easy?
When things get tough, Mona Moon gets tougher. That's how she does it in 1933.
I see dead people…and now one’s haunting me.
Can Nell and Dave find a serial killer who has evaded the World DNA database? Police work in 2093 is
The dog days of summer can be murder on a girl!
Who knows what the cat saw? Will it help Scarlett and her sisters save The Cozy Café?
What do you do if you're a new witch in a new town and your long-lost mother's locked up for murder?
They start chasing a mystery—then it chases them.
She's a country girl who loves her dog. Her life is about to get less countrified and more homicide.
Is Clarity Bloom clever enough to entrap the killer ? Or will she end up as the catch of the day?
In a small town like Seaboard, nothing stays hidden for long.
Murder, Mermaid Legends and a Kitten from the Mist
A murderer outwitting a quirky flapper ghost? Seams unlikely!
Solving crime in The Big Easy is hard!
Sleuthing for for a cat thief at a major feline "expo" is like looking for a whisker in a haystack!
Will this cat's secret risk human lives?
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Ellie Foreman & her daughter Rachel take on high-tech crime. PREORDER at 99¢; 6/26 release @ $2.99.
Don't cross won't live to regret it. This killer chef has a very dark hobby.
Cyber-terrorism takes to the skies in this thriller inspired by real-life events.
Prepare to be riveted by a haunting and prismatic exploration of how tragedy can transform lives.
Gone. Everything…everyone, important to Simone Johnson is…gone. Not even their bodies remain
CIA operative Titus Ray goes on the run from an assassin after making his escape from Iran.
When fashion crosses the line to felony, the only label left to wear could be a toe tag.
His death was only the beginning.
A nail-biting psychological thriller woven with fast-paced twists and turns to the very last page!
A Heartless Killer Plays a Deadly Game
Who really is that lady sitting opposite?
You never know who's watching
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Christian Suspense

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A vision from God leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two teens.
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Romantic Suspense

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With everything on the line, can Nate trust the woman at his side or should he turn her in?
He's strong. Fierce. Relentless. And he may be her only chance of surviving the night.
Would you forsake your mother to save the woman you love?
The game of love always goes on.And their game was just beginning.
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