Custom drip campaigns

Maximize Your Newsletter

Are you using your newsletter to its full potential? Have you found that you enter list-building events and get a bunch of subscribers but no interaction? Let us create a custom welcome sequence to introduce readers to your books, your brand, and you in a way that gets them excited and keeps them opening your emails.

So just what does this service entail? Whatever you want, but here's what the basic package covers: custom-designed newsletter header graphic, full newsletter template for both your drip campaign and your basic newsletter, help writing and creating content for your 3-email welcome sequence, workflow creation within your newsletter service so that the whole thing is automated, subject line testing for maximum opens, and full training on your new email series.

Our basic package as described above is currently available at a special introductory price of $500. It will be going up, so if this is a service you need, be sure to sign up now!

To go along with your drip campaign, check out the add-ons and let us help you take your campaign from gold lamé to 24 karat fabulousness! Check out the options below and select the ones you want on the form below.

  • We can build you a fully customized squeeze page just for collecting leads
  • Want to work with us to build your list now that your campaign is as glorious as possible? Order our ad package including 3 ads designed & copy-written just for you and your newsletter
  • Not sure how to run those ads, or need some help fine-tuning your existing campaign? Let us manage your ads for 1 month!
  • Got a lot to say? Add on 1-2 additional emails to your welcome sequence
  • Let us help you spread the word and feature your list in the LitRing Newsletter
  • Use the power of social media! LitRing will put up a boosted promo on our Facebook page
  • You tell us how we can help, and we'll give you the best price to match your goals in this fully customized campaign creation service.

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