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1920s fashionista Ginger Gold puts her wartime operative skills to work in the Jazz Age!

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Witty . Magical . Full with plot surprises that will keep you turning the pages

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You thought living was hard? You should try being dead!

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By day a pastry chef, by night an accidental super sleuth

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Can a witch who can only cast one spell solve a murder?

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Young widower Dr. Benjamin Bones discovers love and murder in the tiny Cornish village of Birdswing.

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Thrilling mystery interwoven with the sweet coziness of small town living and luscious cupcakes!

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The business of beauty can be deadly.

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"I saw it! I did! It was there, Right there..." the voice exclaimed." - What happened?

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An irresistibly Southern tale of scandal, ghosts, and murder from a NY Times bestselling author!

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