cozy up with KU books Promo

runs November 12th-18th
sign ups close November 10th at 10 AM EST 

Whether the weather where you are is turning chilly or heating up, there’s better time to binge-read Kindle Unlimited books! If your books are in KU, we want to feature them in this promo.

Our readers are primarily KU readers, so don’t miss your chance at gaining hundreds (or thousands!!) of page reads from new-to-you readers.
Here’s what you get for the low price of $25:
  • Week-long giveaway fun!
  • Website page promotion for three months!
  • Newsletter mention to over tens of thousands of readers!
  • Social media mention to over forty thousand readers!
  • Additional promotion through contest sites we love!

If you want even more exposure, and to customize your submission, you can see all the limited add-ons on the form.

Our Cozy up with KU Giveaway will reward two lucky readers with some great, themed prizes! This ensures the right readers are signing up because they are interested in you, your books, and your genre the most. 


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