Resolve to Read BookBub Follow

Runs January 17-23
Signups close January 15th at 10AM EST

The BookBub follow promo is a fan favorite that connects eager bookworms with authors like yourself! If you’re looking to grow your BookBub following to reach that magic number of 1k (or higher) or you’re kicking off a new pen name, then this is the promo for you!

Although we can’t predict or guarantee what the readers will do, we will get your BookBub page in front of the tens of thousands of bookworms who follow LitRing.

As always, we’ll create a visually appealing giveaway widget that rewards two lucky bookworms each with an Amazon gift card, as well as shareable graphics and text copy. LitRing will also promote the week-long event to our 22k+ newsletter subscribers and social media followers.

So, complete the form below ASAP because this page closes at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, January 15th.