Have you ever hesitated to schedule a 2-hour LitRing VIP Takeover because you didn’t have the time or tools to create posts to share with the readers? If you answered yes, then this promo is perfect for you!

As with the standard 2-hour LitRing VIP Takeover experience, you still get direct access to the VIP Reader group on Facebook with an uninterrupted block of time to interact with the dedicated bookworms in the group. We’ll also provide you with LitRing’s exclusive VIP Takeover Guide to help you host similar events and increase engagement in your reader or street team group!

So, what’s different? One of LitRing’s talented designers will create ten graphics and write coordinating text copy. Once it meets with your approval, we’ll schedule your posts so that all you have to worry about is interacting with the readers.

Here’s an example of some of the types of graphics a member of the LitRing team might create for you:

  • Introduction graphic with your name and the cover of a book you’d like to promote with a brief bio and social links to encourage readers to follow you in the description
  • A graphic about your geographic location with a question for readers to tell you about themselves in the description
  • A meme that relates to reading and/or your genre with a call-to-action in the description asking readers to reply with a GIF
  • A game asking readers to craft responses based on the first letter of their name, the color of an article of clothing, or predictive text on their mobile phone
  • A graphic featuring a giveaway item of  your choosing and instructions for readers in the description

And a member of the LitRing team will stay nearby during your takeover to make the most of your time with our VIP readers.

Do you have author friends who'd like to take over the group with you, but you’d like LitRing to do the heavy lifting? Email to discuss options about how a member of LitRing’s team can help your group take over the LitRing VIP Readers group on Facebook using the above methods!