Leap into an Audiobook giveaway

What do you love about audiobooks? You do listen to them, right? There’s nothing like getting immersed in a good book while you’re doing housework, at the gym, working on a craft project, walking the dog, driving...or just about anything else.

The Leap Into Audiobooks Giveaway introduces audiobooks in a wide range of genres. The only thing better than reading their books is listening to the narrator read it to you!

Hop on over now to check out the library, and while you’re there, be sure to grab your chances to win an Audible subscription or Amazon gift card, too!


The future is revealed by understanding the past; where history and mystery are intertwined.
Three brothers, driven by perseverance. Three women, trying to fulfill their dreams.
A more beautiful faith. A vision for following Jesus in keeping with a 1st century kind of faith.
His town. Her God. Let the battle begin.


Sci Fi

Are the metal-horned unicorns from Unimaise really doomed? Or will an unlikely hero save them?
Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.
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A journey to the future becomes a maze of challenges and quick decisions.
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Urban Fantasy

Warning: contains humor, action, adventure, magic, romance, and bodies. Proceed with caution.
Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they knew the truth...
Percy Jackson meets Vampire Academy!
A once powerful orchard is now a double murder scene. And a witch is charged with finding a killer.

Young Adult 

A girl with a destiny. A boy with a secret. An ancient evil that must be defeated. Binge the series!
What Would Audrey Do?
Some melodies reach across the stars.
Is love stronger than addiction?


historical Fiction 

Build an army of passionate readers who do the selling for you!
If letting go is hard for you, here is the spiritual pep talk you've been needing.
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TX law won't go. US Cavalry can't go. 2 Civil War veterans wade the Rio to rescue a stolen girl.
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Sweet Contemporary Romance

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She fell from a ladder right into a fake proposal. Could this step up to true love?
Can Sebastian prove to Penelope they deserve a second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love?
An origami legend, a homing pigeon and a man in love will win your heart. But will he get the girl?
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Medium Heat Contemporary Romance

A must-listen romantic comedy series The Kindle Book Review calls "outrageously entertaining."
She needs to marry a prince, but she's in love with her bodyguard.
She thought she could never go home again...
She came to the outback to marry the love of her life...

steamy Contemporary Romance

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Royce Devereaux isn’t your average sexy professor.
A million dollars for a year of marriage...
One night can change everything.
Listen along on this dirty-sweet, insta-love, short story romance as opposites attract!
She’s daring him to cross the line. And he’s never been one to resist temptation...
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sizzling nsfw


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The Boys Are Back In Town...
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As hot as is gets. Period.
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Historical ROMANCE

Will a dangerous secret prevent a lady from marrying the man she loves?
A powerful earl has a month to court his new wife in order to convince her they should remain wed.
Love has its own plans
After years in exile, Julian returns to claim a bride he doesn’t know.
Love overcomes tragedy in this emotional story by NY Times bestselling author Danelle Harmon
Will this sexy highlander fall for the bookish beauty?
Can a dingy old book found in a Regency London bookshop hold magic and love for those who use it?
Would the love of an unexpected mail-order bride help him surrender to God's plan?
National Reader's Choice Winner--Best Historical
Pretending she's her twin gets complicated when Hope is shipwrecked with a handsome castaway.

Paranormal Romance 

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Devour this sexy bear shifter series!
A powerful witch. A mysterious shifter. Can two strangers come together to save their town?
Welcome to the Nightworld Academy, attended by vampires, shifters, and witches.
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Romantic Comedy 

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Awkwardland. It's where I live. And I'm the president, mayor, and sole citizen.
Sometimes the most novel approach to love comes when we least expect it....
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Romantic Suspense 

Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
Coming Home is everything he wants, but a mystery threatens his newfound love.
Kick-Ass Good Guys Disguised as Bad Boys He’s secretive and commanding. She’s having none of it.
Secrets make old lovers into enemies....


A brutal murder. An impossible Crime. Why did Genevieve have to die?
All the fun of Mardi Gras in New Orleans without the hangover!
I just have one question: How did Dr. Doolittle make this gig look so easy?
Hunt across Sweden
Who killed two traffic police officers on an isolated mountain pass?
On the heels of well-heeled heels--wear your spikiest Jimmy Choos and aim carefully.
A diary. A secret. Murder.
Peeling back layers of lies could save a masterpiece…or reveal a killer.
How much will one young reporter risk to expose a greedy pharmaceutical company?
A Spicetown Mystery Series
In the seamy world of designer clothing, you're bound to find crimes of fashion!


A dangerous cult disbanded years ago. Now they're back... and they want revenge.
Combining the suspense and razor-sharp outlook of Gillian Flynn , Little Lovely Things sizzles.
You thought I wouldn't find out. You were wrong.
CIA operative Titus Ray goes on the run from an assassin after making his escape from Iran.
If you want to live, you must let go of the past...
It's not death you fear the most...but how you die.
Stranger Things meets 'It'
Cgo PI Georgia Davis discovers a half-sister who's in big trouble and needs to be rescued. 99¢/Chirp