runs January 19-25 | SIGN UPS CLOSE JANUARY 17

So how are those audiobook sales?

Readers trust our recommendations for digital and print books, and now we're answering their request for audio recommendations, too! We've been hard at work finding which of our readers love audiobooks, so we can begin to offer recommendations to them.

As part of that, we are setting up an official audiobook browsing page on our site, meaning your book will be visible long-term and not just for the week of this promo.

So you don't want to miss this groundbreaking opportunity. Only $25 to participate and we’ll handle advertising, graphics, prizes, and making this a heartwarming experience for readers and authors alike.

If you decide to upgrade to a premium promo listing, we'll give your book a solo shout out in our VIP group of more than 8,000 readers on Facebook and also include its linked cover in our newsletter for the week (which reaches over 75,000 readers). Won't you join us?