Smashing Pumpkins Audiobooks Giveaway

Runs Oct. 1st - 7th
Signups close Sept.  29th at 10AM EST

Do you want more readers to listen to your audiobooks? Yes, you do!

Readers trust LitRing to recommend books to them in all formats, and that includes audiobooks. Like other LitRing promotions, when you participate in the Smashing Pumpkins Audiobook Giveaway , we'll leave the page up for at least three full months with a permanent web address. This gives your audiobook long-term visibility that goes well beyond the week-long term of the promo itself.

It’s only $25 to sign up and we’ll promote the giveaway to our tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers as well as LitRing's social media followers, and we'll also send it out to the highest performing contest promotion sites on the internet. We’ll also set up a giveaway that rewards one lucky reader with some fabulous prizes that they can enjoy while they listen to all the great audiobooks they just picked up. 

The sign-up page closes promptly at 10 AM on Wednesday, September 29th so be sure to secure your spot.