LitRing's LaLaLa Listen Promo

runs March 24-31 * SIGN UPS CLOSE 3-19

Audio books are all the rage and for good reason! A good audio can bring a story to life in a way nothing else can, and they let readers enjoy your work on the go! And we’re all about giving readers what they want here on LitRing. This promo will give readers a chance to check out a sample of your audio book, no strings attached, and they pick up a copy of the book, either in audio, ebook, or print. We’ll even collect emails by genre so you can reach out to readers already interested in books like yours after the event!

This will likely be a smaller group of authors, since not everyone has an audio book, but for those of you who do, we’re going to work our ears to the bone (get it?) to find you the listeners you’ve been waiting for!

And, yes indeed, we plan to make this a permanent site feature, which means your listing won’t expire. Woot!