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Do you like books? (Duh!) If so, then you'll love our library of the Best Books on Earth! We've hunted the world far and wide to put together a collection of titles in all your fave genres, and they're all available from non-Amazon retailers like iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and Audible.

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Group 1
Thrilling Books

Fun, flirty mysteries with Presley Thurman!
A Sam Smith Mystery
Warning! Read at your own risk! Studying shadow men can cause them to visit you!
Bury your secrets. Bury them deep.
Some nights are best left forgotten.
Yes, you can go home again, if only to revisit past horrors and put an end to new ones.

Group 2
Otherworldly romance

It’s hard to resist a man as smooth and hot as a glass of fine whiskey.
Could a message from the past save their marriage?
A reluctant bride. A lovelorn god. An arranged marriage that will save two worlds.
A stolen clockwork spider. A forbidden romance. A murderous spy on the streets of London.
She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.
Capturing her prey proves difficult once he steals her heart.
Two novellas of the Verdant String
Raze feels nothing. No love, no hate, no fear. Until he meets Sierra.

Group 3
Contemporary Romance

Love takes the cake!
It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, but it became so much more..
Opposites may attract … but can they ever make love last?
He lives by the rules. She follows her own moral code.
One beach resort. Two ambitious rivals. Will steamy island nights tempt enemies to become lovers?
She’s hiding from danger. He’s deeply wounded. Could they be exactly what the other needs?

Group 4
Out-of-this-world books

False gods, a secret alien invasion, and two women who could be killed for knowing the truth.
Fear can blind you to the truth.
Join the adventure of self discovery, lurid entanglements, and political intrigue.
Sometimes your deepest desire can become your worst nightmare.
Armageddon is up for Auction...
The epic fantasy you've been waiting for begins. . .
A teen physics genius faces the apocalypse while learning to harness dark energy.
This is a special collection of the first books of each series by Canadian author Krista D. Ball.

Group 5
Even MOre great reads

A novel about female friendships, family secrets, and the Boston Marathon.
Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead?
Teenage Allison who must find a way to survive the Earth's invasion, as well as her own.