Winter Reading Guide Giveaway Amazon Follow

Runs December 20th - 26th 
Signups close December 18th

Do you want to grow your readership on Amazon? Then this is the promo for you! When you have a new release, Amazon emails your followers. The more followers you have, the more readers who get notified about your books!

Enroll in this promo and we'll help readers find your Amazon author page so they can click that big yellow button to follow you! It's only $25 to participate and LitRing provides you with promotional graphics and copy-and-pasteable text content to share with your readers--if that’s something you’d like to do.

LitRing also provides readers with a giveaway that rewards one lucky bookworm with a prize to help them start downloading and reading your books right away!

Sign up today and watch your Amazon following grow, but don't wait too long, because the sign-up page closes at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, December 18th.


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