Summer Book Promo

Runs June 25th - July 1st
Signups close June 23rd at 10AM EST

Do you want to promote your books to new-to-you readers? Do you wish readers would add your books to their TBR list, read them, and then hop on social media to tell all their friends about it? Let LitRing help!

If you have books that you'd like to get into the hands of more readers, then sign up for the LitRing all-genre books promo which we’re calling the Summer Books Giveaway. It's only $25 to participate, and the books stay on a static page for at least three months, which we'll keep promoting during that time.

In addition to the landing page, LitRing provides promotional graphics, and text copy to share across social media (if you'd like to do that), and an eye-catching giveaway widget to get valuable feedback from LitRing readers. And multiple readers will win Amazon gift cards, too!

After the giveaway wraps up, we’ll provide you with the giveaway data which you can use when marketing your book series in the future.

 The opportunity to sign up for this promo expires at 10 AM EST on Wednesday, June 23rd.