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Okay, so... what is it?

What is the Ads Engine? It’s a special group that offers loads of live training videos on Facebook ads, mailing list segmentation, review team recruitment, and so much more! We delve deep into each lesson with special tips and tricks that Melissa has personally found to be effective. Nothing is held back. No secrets are kept. We want you to be crazy successful, after all!

Melissa also offers feedback on group members’ ads, targeting, creatives, and more, and offers advice on how to further hone for increased effectiveness. Plans for the future include live case studies in which Melissa will work with a student on his or her ads, offering free expert guidance to help both the featured author and the group on the whole.

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We have taken a few workshops on Facebook Ads in the past and none of them taught us as much as Melissa Storm's Facebook Ad Engine videos did in just two days.

Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

Melissa Storm’s Facebook Ads course teaches more than the basics of how to set up ads. Her knowledge of how every detail from basic set up to audience insights and everything else in between is by far powerful. I highly recommend her course to anyone who wants to take their ads to the next level.

Susan Alexander

What I love about Melissa Storm’s FB Ads Engine: She provides clear, concise instructions that target some of the potentially confusing aspects of FB ads. She also provides quick feedback to questions in her FB Ads Engine group. On top of it all, she’s approachable and makes me feel like no question is too silly.

JH Croix

I've taken a few courses on Facebook ads, so have a pretty good background in it, but Melissa's knowledge and tactics are heads above what I learned and I've found her techniques invaluable. She's awesome!

Richard C. Hale

Are you banging your head against the wall trying to make Facebook ads work for you? I know I was. I've taken other courses, I've read forums and participated in groups, but nailing Facebook without hemorrhaging money I don't have (and wasn't making back) remained an elusive dream. Then I met Melissa and watched the videos she posted for free in her Facebook group. I loved her laid back style in the videos as well as the wealth of information contained. I have a notebook with pages of notes already. The videos just keep getting better. I've learned not only how best to move forward, but exactly what I was doing wrong before. And the best part? We're just getting started. Melissa is a giver and she asks what is it that you want to know next. And it goes beyond just Facebook ads. I can't wait to see what else she throws our way. Highly recommend.

Felicia Beasley

I'm learning so much from Melissa's tutorials! Her instructional style is relaxed and encouraging, and her information is especially valuable now that the Facebook ad market is changing once again. I can't wait to try out Melissa's tips and tricks.

Emma Jameson

Melissa certainly know how to use Facebook! No matter your skill level, she always brings something new to the table that you can add to your arsenal. I definitely recommend that you join the group and take the Facebook ads course no matter how much or how often you use Facebook. You're guaranteed to learn something new.

A.K. Taylor