The Tell Me a Story Promo

PROMO RUNS august 24-30 | SIGN UPS CLOSE august 22nd

Readers love books that tell a good story. Is your book inspired by a classic like Pride and Prejudice? A grown-up retelling of a childhood fairy tale? An adaptation of an urban legend? If you've got a book that tells a good story, then we've got the promo for you!

Sign up for LitRing’s Tell Me a Story  promo where we'll seek out readers who love stories that are retold in a new light!

Only $25 to participate and we’ll handle the advertising, graphics, prizes, and making this the great experience for readers and authors alike.

Another awesome benefit of this promo? Find out what readers think of your book cover and blurb as compared to other books in your genre. This promo comes with a lot of fun data that can help you make better branding decisions for future.