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Our team

melissa storm

Believes in angels and in true love. Writes about both in her USA Today bestselling Christian Romances. Entrepreneur, mom, reality TV addict, domestic zoo keeper, founder of LitRing and a jillion other businesses, former gastric bypass patient, quirky person, your new best friend...



Lover of fairytales, folklore, and mythology, Ines Johnson spends her days reimagining the stories of old in a modern world. Aside from being a writer and professional reader, Ines is a seasoned educator with way too many degrees. No wonder she turned up at LitRing to use what she knows to help others succeed.



Evelyn Adams lives in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her three children, a handful of wayward animals and too many chickens to count. If she's not writing sexy southern romances about strong women and the men who adore them, she's chasing kids, gardening and reading.


Becky Muth is a coffee addict who lives in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with her husband and their adult sons. She's a writer, graphic designer, and social media manager. When she's not working, she's probably knitting while binging sitcoms with her golden retriever.



Geek extraordinaire, mother of two dragons, and lover of all things creative. Graphic designer and artist by day; gamer, crafter, and child wrangler by night. Devotes much of her time to creating wonderful book covers, raising her two minions, reading, crafting, and digitally painting masterpieces!

falcon storm

Falcon Storm was born in the frozen wastelands of Alaska. All that time spent in the dank, dark cold was quite enough, so he moved far, far away to the slightly-less-cold state of Michigan and now continues to seek out warmth by making others laugh. From role-playing games to spinning tall tales, he’s always been a storyteller. 


Executive Assistant to Melissa Storm. Mother of 3. Born in Japan but raised in the South. Loves the beach, crafting, and reading... not necessarily in that order. 

Founded on January 1, 2017, LitRing launched with a bang! In our first year, we're on target to accumulate 75,000 awesome subscribers who love us for our gorgeous giveaways, friendly authors, and enjoyable book selections.

Trying to figure out if LitRing is the right place for you?

We surveyed our readers, and with 10,000 responses (actually 10,013), the results speak for themselves. See some of what they had to say below. If you'd like a deeper analysis, including results broken down by genre, please sign up for our author newsletter for immediate access to our full 24-page white paper and live video discussing the results!

Q. Which genres do our readers read most?

We asked readers to rank each of the following genres according to whether they frequently read it, rarely read it, or never read it. To provide a single score for analysis, we assigned the numeric value of 3 to all "frequently read" responses, a value of 1 to "rarely read" responses, and 0 for "never read".

Therefore in the following chart, 100% would mean that ALL of LitRing's readers read the genre frequently, while 0% means that NONE of our readers ever read the genre.

We are focused in growing our smaller genres by providing increased opportunities for authors and allocating a larger portion of our ad budget to attracting those readers.

Not all book genres were included in our 2017 survey, but we'll include more in our follow-up 2018 survey to show how our reader base continues to grow and change.

For those who prefer to see the data with the frequency values, check out the chart below. Light blue means rarely reads (but will sometimes read), and dark blue equals often reads.

Q. Where do you purchase most of your eBooks?

Our distribution of readers closely matches the larger eBook market. While the majority of our readers prefer Kindle, the split between Kindle Unlimited versus non-Amazon retailers is almost perfectly even--making the "to KU" or "not to KU" question more difficult to answer than ever!

Q. Which of the following book deals would you like to see included with our weekly newsletter?

Our readers enjoy our free book features, but may be open to receiving paid book recommendations as well. We will continue to test their reception to book deals and new releases before rolling out any new advertising options for authors.

Q. Which giveaway prize do you like best?

It's no surprise readers enjoy large, high value prizes like gift cards or eReaders, but an increasingly vocal segment prefers to receive exclusive collectible items like signed books and special author swag. Unique offerings are also likely to grab readers' attention.

Q. Where do you like to follow authors?

Almost a quarter of our readers wrote in a response for this question, shining a light on the importance of both individual author newsletters and new release alerts from sites like Bookbub, Amazon, and Goodreads. 

Next year, we'll split this question into two parts:  Where do you like to follow authors? and where do you like to interact with authors?

We suspect that the more traditional social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are primed for interaction; whereas, Goodreads may be popular simply for the new release alert and the ability to shelve and review books (not necessarily to communicate with authors).

Q. How did you first discover LitRing?

Facebook is king when it comes to our readers, and we suspect a large percentage of those who don't remember how they found us did so via Facebook. 

Our philosophy has always been that it's our job to connect authors with readers; not the authors' job to grow our promo lists by being forced into sharing as a requirement of doing business with us. Nope, no way!

And because we never require authors to share, our primary growth has come from Facebook ads targeted at readers for both our giveaways and our free book offers.

We are very pleased that some authors choose to share anyway, representing about 1/5 of our list growth. Thank you to those authors!

Q. What do you wish more authors would do for their readers?

The first 40% of responses  to this question were discarded:​​​​

  • (38%) No Answer: they either provided no answer at all or the provided an answer not relevant
  • (12%) No Changes: either they are happy with how things are or they offered no ideas for improvement
The remaining 60% (or roughly 6,000) were analyzed, and we found some interesting results!

  • (22%) Book Content: readers stated they want more of their favorite genres, want less sex in some books, less cussing in some, more realistic characters. Basically, they want good books in genres they like.
  • (21%) Free Books
  • (18%) More Interaction: readers want to know the story behind the story, what inspired the book, how did the author create the main characters, readers also want insight into the authors like how they got started, family traditions for holidays, what books they read, favorite authors
  • (15%) Giveaways: readers are interested in smaller, more frequent giveaways and contests with more winners, want prizes to include swag, autographed books, gift cards for retailers other than Amazon, they would like to see more giveaways and contests open internationally, they would also like to have easier entry methods instead of having to subscribe to 30 newsletters.
  • (9%) Lower Pricing: readers feel that eBook pricing is getting out of control and would like to see lower prices or at least discounts offered more often and want special pricing to be available for all countries
  • (6%) Pre-Marketing: readers would like updates on progress for WIP and release dates for other projects. Updates if release dates change. Would like to receive exclusive content for WIP like teasers, excerpts
  • (4%) Newsletters: Readers would like less frequency, i.e. not daily, and would like to see more content related to the authors books as opposed to content promoting another authors’ works. One thing that was mentioned repeatedly was they don’t like receiving 30 emails a day that feature the same authors book (newsletter swaps). They also prefer shorter more focused emails to long newsletters that try to cover too many topics at once.
  • (2%) ARCs: readers want more access to ARCs and review and street teams
  • (2%) Wider Availability: readers want books to be available on more platforms than Kindle
  • (1%) Local Events: readers want to know when and where authors are doing signings whether they are big events or at the local book store

Q. What would you like to see more of from LitRing?

At first glance, the number of readers who want more free books could be a bit disheartening, but when taken in context, we think this is a great thing!

Because each newsletter features only 3 free books and offers the full book description and cover for readers to decide whether they want to download, our readers are more likely to download and read the selections that interest them, as opposed to hoarding freebies.

In the coming year, we will continue to explore new ways to encourage readers to move these free books up their TBR piles and will also be starting both a book club and a VIP reviewer program.

Also of note is the fact that a majority of readers would rather see more opportunities to win smaller prizes rather than less frequent large prize giveaways--so authors need not break the bank to satisfy readers. A unique and fun giveaway is even more preferred to a large prize offering.

Lastly, though fewest readers wanted to see more author interaction, this could be because we already offer so many opportunities for our readers to interact with our authors via our giveaways, takeover events, and list builders. Indeed, "more author interaction" was our most popular write-in response for the question "What do you wish LitRing would do for our readers?" (This text analysis is coming soon)