Worst Neighbor Ever by Rachel John

Connor Harwood is a snoop, a bad neighbor, and a tree and grass killer. Oh, and probably a criminal. The fact that I find him to be the handsomest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on is completely irrelevant. There's only one solution. Keep a close watch while also ignoring his very existence. I can do both, right?

Melissa Cooke is way more than I can handle right now, and mostly likely stalker material. I have to remember that. I will not be taken in by the way she looks in her elephant-print pajama pants while holding her little excitable dog. I will not…go…over…there.

“I only discovered Rachel John's books recently and she has quickly become an auto-buy for me. This book just confirms that decision with fascinating characters, swoony romance and laughter.” – @kayemreads, Instagram