Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine by Elena Greyrock

A reluctant, wanna-be influencer, meets a mysterious undiscovered musician. A quirky character, Luna’s voice is fresh and bubbly.There is dash of speculative fiction involved in the book and its futuristic setting. This book is an easy, sexy and fun read! Featuring original songs.

“I want to be an influencer!” These are the words of Luna, a 20-something woman who's always had her heart set on success. But when she meets Stryker, a musician everything changes – not only does he make music more than just something beautiful; it becomes part of his soul and theirs too!

“I absolutely loved it!! I fell in love with the characters. The storyline was fun, sweet and humorous and made life in the pandemic a little more bearable. Already looking forward to the next book to find out what Luna and Stryker are up to next!!” Amazon Reviewer