Death By Deceit by Abigail Keam

“Another great book in the series!” -J. Hamil, Amazon Review

Josiah Reynolds and her girlfriend had just seen a movie and were going home when they discover a dead body. Why does this always happen to Josiah?

She learns the dead man was a reporter and a stranger to the Bluegrass. The police believe his death is due to a botched robbery, but Josiah thinks otherwise and begins snooping around.

When Detective Drake tells Josiah to back off, Josiah’s forensic psychiatrist boyfriend, Hunter, comes to the rescue and hires her to help investigate the case. Now Josiah has carte blanche to all the reports concerning the case, and they bear out her theory of what really happened to the dead reporter, but no one will listen.

Josiah makes it her mission to unearth evidence that will prove her theory. She begins the dangerous game of finding out the truth in a world that hides its secrets among antebellum mansions, oak-cured bourbon, and million dollar horses grazing in emerald pastures. This is the world of the Bluegrass—a world of wealth, privilege, and now murder!

FIVE STARS! “The mystery is not too complex, easily followed with a few suspects and motives to consider, personal peril to nail-bite through, and a “Wow, I didn't see that coming!” conclusion to make it a satisfying read!There's an English mastiff and a clowder of in and outside cats for the “fur friend” lover, and vintage movie and televising references, nosy neighbors, and a little black dress for fun! This is the thirteenth book in the Josiah Reynolds Mystery series, and although much has happened with relationships and lots of criminal activity, it was easy to get hooked…totally entertaining!” -Kathleen C, Kings River Life Magazine

FIVE STARS! “The story was quick-paced and right to the point, which made it so easy to get engrossed in. Josiah's a very relatable woman and of course who doesn't want to be an ordinary person solving super cool crimes? Death By Deceit definitely makes an impact.” -Readers' Favorite