West End's Moonlight by Scarlett Grace

Alex Grendall has been fighting her whole life for her career on the stage. Coming from a working-class background and a hard life being bullied at drama school for being gay, she’s struggled to be taken seriously as a Queer actress. When she’s finally offered the lead role in an all-female version of Romeo and Juliet, she thinks that things are probably looking up, but then she realises the woman playing opposite her is none other than … Clara Columbia, the girl who bullied her so much at school!

Clara Columbia has been running from her past for years. Coming from a high-class background with no shortage of opportunities, she is unsurprised when she’s cast in Romeo and Juliet. But she never expects that her scene partner will be none other than Alex Grendall!
What Alex doesn’t know is Clara’s bullying was just a mask to hide her attraction. Jealous of Alex for being “out” whilst Clara had to hide her sexuality from her well-off parents, she picked on her brutally.

Now a mature woman, Clara knows that if she wants to save the production, she will have to find a way to prove to Alex she’s changed her ways. But how? And will Clara be able to come to terms with her feelings for Alex once and for all?”

“What a great story! :)” – Amazon Reviewer
“Does she still hate me? or does she hate me not…” – dj, Amazon Reviewer
“Left Me Wanting More” – Sharon, Amazon Reviewer